Minutes of October 7, 2015 meeting

Robert Krack (Alex), Elizabeth Ciallella (Smith), Devin Gingery (Douglass & Chang), Soo Lee (Kilmer), Fredrick Onorato (Alex), Shirley Peck (Alex), Jamie Smith (DTS)
Theresa Macklin (Camden), Elsa Alves (Institute of Jazz Studies), Alejandro Arencibia (Dana), Abdullah Sherzad (Douglass)

Information Sharing

Please see end of minutes.

I. Meeting Schedule and Sakai (Rob)

II. Space Mangement Database (Rob)

III. Stolen Book Memo (Rob and Jamie)

IV. CMG Manual

  1. Shelf Reading Procedure (Bettie and Fred)
    • No changes
  2. Range Guides (Rob)
    • Guides were transferred from Microsoft Word to Publisher.
    • Format for LC call numbers to include only the class/subclass and subdivision - no cutters. Read top-to-bottom instead of the current left-to-right
    • Format for Shelve-By-Title to remain mostly unchanged
    • Rob will create a version for Douglass which uses perforated card stock
  3. Water Emergency Script (Rob)
    • Script was excellent and provides a lot of information, but this topic may be too complicated to cover in a short video.
    • Instead of replacing the Power Point presentation with a video, the group will edit the existing presentation and attempt to use embedded videos to illustrate certain concepts such as putting up plastic sheeting
  4. Shelving Manual (Abdullah and Irina)
    • Retain the existing introductory paragraph
    • Merge Irina's photographs with Abdullah's text
  5. DTS Documents (Jamie and Devin)
    • DTS/Preservation Tickets: DTS side is good. Preservation side might want to remove the "Print out item record".
    • Serials Inventory: DTS is primarily responsible for serials inventory so this form should be removed from the C.M. site.
    • Item Not Barcoded Flag: remove
    • TECHSRV Policy (Circ-On-The-Fly): Jamie went over the process on how DTS handles this and its relationship to cataloging. DTS searches for an existing matching record without the item in hand and if a match is found the barcoded item is transferred to the fully cataloged record; all while the item is still in the patron's possession. If no match is found the brief record is left as is and the barcoded item should be routed to DTS upon return from patron. When the item does reach DTS, another search is conducted with the title in hand. If no matching record is found the item may have to be turned over for cataloging. Questions remain as to what the status of the item should be at that point, i.e. checked-out to a user or left "in-process"?
    • Recalled Items @ DTS: if not found, the item library's supervisor is notified and the item charged to missing. Should the A-Team also be involved?
  6. Library of Congress Call Number Presentation (Soo, Shirley, and Anthony)
    • The new background and images look good
    • CMG should be credited rather than individuals
    • Some minor issues with text colors
    • Arrows need to be made larger
    • Minor grammar and word choice edits
    • Re-write of one slide regarding LCC classification hierarchies approved
    • Suggestion to move two slides near the end to a more appropriate section in the middle

V. Adjournment

The meeting ended at 4:10 pm. The next meeting will be in January.

Information Sharing


At Alexander we completed the shift of floor 2A and the spacing we derived from the space management database worked out well. We have a good distribution of available space on the floor and did not run out of space during the shift. The BC-BD collection now has ample room for returns and growth instead of having -5 inches per shelf for that area.

We have started measuring the Government Documents collections for space management databases. Once the database is complete we will turn the information over to Stephanie Bartz for evaluation. There are many areas in Government Documents that have space issues and there is the possibility of reorganizing the collections to better fit into the existing shelving.

Students are gradually being assigned Adopt-a-Shelf areas going along with the changes we made to the program. It's too soon to tell if the changes will have an impact on the program, but we hope that the students will have enough work to carry through the rest of the semester.



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