Minutes of January 13, 2016 meeting

Robert Krack (Alex), Abdullah Sherzad (Douglass ), Soo Lee (Kilmer), Fredrick Onorato (Alex), Shirley Peck (Alex), Anthony Timek (LSM), Elsa Alves (Institute of Jazz Studies), and Alejandro Arencibia (Dana)
Janet Croft and Neera Sondhi (DTS)
Theresa Macklin (Camden), Elizabeth Ciallella (Smith; video conferencing problems), Devin Gingery (Douglass & Chang), and Irina Radeva (Alex)

Information Sharing

Please see end of minutes.

I. Introductions (Rob)

II. Update on Douglass Mold (Abdullah)

III. Douglass Magazines (Abdullah)

IV. Projects (Rob)

V. Library maps

VI. Circ-On-The-Fly (Neera)

VII. Adjournment

Information Sharing


Over the last few months the Alexander Library Collection Management students and staff measured both the Government Documents collection and the 3rd floor of the Stacks and I created space management databases for both. The databases were given to Stephanie Bartz and Kevin Mulcahy respectively and we have set up a plan for projects for both collections that will most likely continue into 2017.
There are three projects that should be worked on through the coming year. For the first project, Collection Management will create a space management database for floor 2B during the spring semester of 2016.

The second project will involve the reintegration of the Y4's into the DOCUS collection and a shift of the State, DOCLNJ, DOCNJ and DOCUS collections. To do this we will be using the sorting shelves on the 3rd floor to hold some of the Y4 collection while space is being reorganized in Government Documents. Once the shift is complete the Y4's will be put in their proper place in the DOCUS collection.

Once the Government Documents shift is complete, we will initiate a shift of the 3rd floor Stacks which will include a reduction of the number of sorting shelves by one or two ranges. While the 2B space management database and the Government Documents shifts are in progress Kevin will be working on weeding materials from the collection on the 3rd floor. The projected start date of the third floor collection shift should be during the fall of 2016.

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