Minutes of August 25, 2016 meeting

Robert Krack (Alex), Abdullah Sherzad (Douglass), Devin Gingery (Douglass & Chang), Fred Onorato (Alex), Shirley Peck (Alex), Irina Radeva (Alex), Anthony Timek (LSM), Soo Lee (Kilmer), Elizabeth Ciallella (Smith), Alejandro Arencibia (Dana), Elsa Alves (Institute of Jazz Studies), Theresa Macklin (Camden), and Jamie Smith (DTS)

Information Sharing

Please see end of minutes.

I. RUL Fileserver (Rob)

II. Space Management Database (Rob)

III. Holdings Management Group (Jamie)

IV. Collection Management Website (Rob)

V. ALEX GovDoc Shift (Rob)

VI. Announcements

VII. Adjournment

Information Sharing




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