Minutes of May 12, 1999 meeting

Asuncion Ortiz, Marie Brodman, Penny Weniger, Bob Terrio, Clara Alonzo, Drue Williamson, Jeff Teichmann, Eva Kalamotarsis, Andy Martinez, Kathleen Kammerer
Ines Gessner



New Members
Kathleen Kammerer – Douglass Library
Andy Martinez – Douglass Library

Bob Terrio – because of his change in position from Alexander Library Missing Books person to LSM payroll, Bob is being relieved from his membership in the Collection Management Functional Group but he is still going to continue working on the WEB training page. Thank you Bob.


1) Ines Gessner – Her “Request to Create New Location Profiles” is being postponed till the next meeting.

2) Jeff Teichman – Collection Management Overview

3) Procedures for Missing Books, In-Transits, Stack Checks


Rehearsal for the Actual Day of May 26, 1999, Alexander Library, PANE Room at 2:00 to 4:00 pm

Because of several actual water emergencies that occurred first at Alexander Library then at Douglass Library, the Collection Management Functional Group decided to put together some kind of procedures, guidelines and a much needed emergency kit for all New Brunswick libraries to have and to use. The group also felt it necessary to hold a demo to help everyone anticipate what to do in case this happens in the library where they are working at.

Jeff T. – who is going to the presentation, compiled some files and photos together with slides to show us

Marie B. – compiled a pamphlet on procedures “How to Air Dry Books” also to be distributed to all attending the demo. She is also putting together the emergency kit that each New Brunswick library should have.

Andy who has any suggestions with regard to Air and Water Demo should email Marie B.


Bob – talked about having a link of the training page to the webpage. The disk for training started by Ted H. somehow cannot be found so he may redo the pages. This could be a good summer project to get ready for fall session.

K.K. – will get some more information from Lisa (Douglass Library) regarding missing books.

C.A. – LSM proposal to shelf read and shift the entire 2nd floor collection.

M.B. – gave further details on this LSM shift since she is involved as part of this huge project. Shelf reading needs to start by June 1 after one section is done, a shift would start there and so on and so forth.

Penny – handed out copies of the LSM shift proposal and the tentative dates included

Eva – lots of discharging of book returns at Alex

D.T.W – ordered some more new book stools. Reference supports are all fixed and in place. Sorting shelves adjust according to LSM collection.

Meeting adjourned at 4:15 pm.

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