Minutes of June 9, 1999 meeting

Clara Alonzo, Marie Brodman, Ines Gessner, Eva Kalamotarsis, Kathleen Kammerer, Andy Martinez, Asuncion Ortiz, Bob Terrio, Penny Weniger, Drue Williamson
Jeff Teichmann



The Water Demo presented by Jeff at Alexander, on May 26th, was a success. It has been requested for another showing at both the Camden and Newark-Dana Libraries on June 29th and 30th. All are invited – let Penny know if you plan on attending. The Water Demo will have yet another showing at Alexander for those librarians/staff who were unable to attend the first one.

Jeff Teichmann is at LSM for the summer, in Collection Management, assisting with the shift project.

Liza Scherff-Nesarikar is at Alex for the summer, in Access Services, during Treadwell’s absence.

Eva is at Physics Library until June 16th.

Drue will be at Alex while Mary Brodman is at LSM working on their shift project.

The LSM shift project started Wed, 6/9/99 and beginning shelves up to BF100 were shelved and ready by that afternoon.

Penny went to Home Depot for materials to make shelf spacers. There are three sets made and ready for use in present and future shift projects.


Andy found the disk containing the Collection Management training web documents, and would like to make it an on-line link to and from the Circulation Functional Group. Bob and Ines are working together to revise the material, including revisions to the call number test. Their plan is to revise its format and include illustrations in order to make it useful/comprehensive to all NB libraries. Bob plans to format the Collection Management training manual as a PowerPoint presentation and then convert it to HTML. Penny suggested that the Water Demo (found on PowerPoint and T-Drive) be made a link to and from this website

Ines has requested the creation of a new location profile, such as a “re-label” for example, for materials that show “in-library” while they are set aside for repair, bindery, etc. The group noted that if items are charged to “re-label” they must be discharged. Clara noted that this is comparable to New Books on the “New Book Shelf” being noted as only “in-library”. This subject raises the question, why can’t we do away with the New Book Shelves and put these items in the regular stacks after they are changed from “in-process” to “in-library”? Mary noted that when Alex did away with its New Book Shelves there were no complaints. Penny will look into this request. Kathleen will find out how long Douglass keeps items on the “New Book Shelf”.

The Collection Management Functional Group Annual Report is due to Farideh on June 21st, and will focus on the highlights of the past year in terms of goals and accomplishments. These include: the LSM shift, the Water Emergency Demo, standardization of missing book procedures. Any input by our group’s members would be appreciated.

Procedures for missing books, in-transits and stacks checks were discussed by the group. Training documentation for missing books and an example of a typical stack check request were reviewed. The group noted that missing book lists are received via email as opposed to the in-transit list, which is found on the T-drive on a monthly basis with no actual notification. The group also noted and discussed the length of the in-transit list as relates to “double charges” i.e. when an item is discharged from patron’s record/RRS and then in-transit to another library. Asuncion noted that in-transit items are discharged twice when the “RRS in-transit” message appears on the screen during discharge. Mary suggested that each library assign one staff member to handle missing books and stacks checks, and that one staff member be assigned to discharge (i.e. make it a scheduled responsibility) in order to avoid mistakes, especially when a front desk becomes busy. Both Kathleen and Andy suggested there be a standard format and time frame for stack check requests sent via email. Penny plans to consult ASC about standardization of missing book and in-transit procedures, and suggested that missing books reported to any of the NBL front desks be handled right away if possible.

Round Robin

Andy – Will receive new shelves soon and would like a dumb waiter in preparation for collection shift at Math. Will need a shift team

Clara – Wed, 6/9 was the official start of the LSM shift

Drew – Wed, 6/9 was her first day at Alex and is very impressed by the staff.

Ines – Annex Manager to be announced Thursday, 6/10. Suggested working at LSM in the mornings to help with the shift.

Mary – Half the LSM collection is shelf-read. Tim is returning and that will help with shelf-reading and the shift completion.

Kathleen – Workflows training documentation does not completely mesh with original missing/in-transit documentation and will take some sorting through as we work towards standardization

Penny – Recap of meeting announcements. Will set a date to meet with Andy at Math for shelving delivery, organizing/training the shift team. Will have the new Collection Management F.G. meeting schedule out soon.

Meeting adjourned at 4:10 pm

Next meeting’s minute’s recorder – Asuncion Ortiz

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