Minutes of October 13, 1999 meeting

Alonzo, Brodman, Gessner, Kalamotousis, Kammerer, Lee, Martinez, Ortiz, Spaventa, Teichmann, Terrio, Weniger.

1. Christopher Lee has joined the Collection Management Functional Group.

2. Copies of the Alexander Library reference shift proposal distributed were distributed to group members.

3. The Collection Management Functional Group roster has been updated and copies distributed to the group members.

4. Shifting in NB Libraries-- The group agrees that there should be a standard philosophy and a standard outline of policy and procedure for all shifting projects. Guidelines to this end include but are not limited to: 1) Recognizing the optimum time of year, ie. summer, when the majority of any one library's collection is estimated to be on the shelf; 2) Knowledge of your library's shelf areas in order to take accurate measurements (no. of shelves per unit, no. of units per room/section); 3) Standardizing requests for assistance with shift projects which clarify CMFG philosophy, policy and outline of procedures.

5. Weniger is developing a draft of standard policy for shift projects and will update group accordingly.

6. Group members discussed ASC questions and shared sample answers in an effort to produce a general list of clear, concise responses to each question. Some questions are more closely allied with Technical Services/Collection Support operations.

7. Teichmann, Spaventa, Terrio produced and distributed samples of standardized statistics forms for shelving, shelf reading, and missing/in-transit. Each form was reviewed by the group. Suggested changes include: 1)Specifying that the '% Done' column on the shlf reading form be based on numbers that are unit specific; 2)At least two searched are necessary for missing item forms, missing lists, and in-transit lists; 3)All totals are month to month; 4)'no. reshelved' columns appearing on both shelving and shelf reading forms may or may not produce double counts depending on one's point of view, thereby further emphasizing the need for standardization.

8. Teichmann and Terrio will investigate two options for statistics data entry: 1)Statistics can be entered on individual T-drives and then tabulated monthly or, 2)they can be entered by each location onto the Common t/.

9. All functional group minutes will be posted in HTML format, such as the ones you see here before you. Terrio agreed to submit CMFG and CFG group minutes in HTML to Marc Forster, who is in charge of the Access Services web page for RUL.

10. Brodman-Alex Reference shift project finished and working on the revised floor plan for Reference.

Next meeting: Wed, November 11 - 3 pm. - Kilmer Room 011
Minutes Recorder: Kalamotousis

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/collection_mgt_group/minutes/collection_mgt_group_99_10_13.shtml
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