Minutes of October 16, 2008 Meeting

Dent Goodman, Hoffman, Kuchi, Marker, Niessen, Sewell, Triggs, Womack (recorder)

The Committee's primary agenda item was to set goals for the academic year. Three parts of the strategic plan goals were identified as relevant to CSC.

Goal I.F. "Focus the creation of digital resources on the Libraries' unique collections and on the output of Rutgers University, with an emphasis on support for the faculty research process".

While there is a digitization team in TAS under John Brennan, and there are digitization projects that have been prioritized by special collections or discussed in other contexts (e.g. early New Jersey documents), there has been no framework for taking action on digitization. CSC's goal will be to come up with principles for identifying items for preservation to guide future preservation workflows. Criteria would include rarity or uniqueness, fragility, and significance of the item.

The committee also discussed methods to engage our users. CDC will solicit faculty feedback on faculty deposits and any other needs related to digital resources.

The discussion turned to e-journals. Our prior experience with e-journals has varied from extensive staff support to minimal. Guidelines for requirements and responsibilities of participants in a journal project would help ease this process in the future. CSC's goal will be to establish a clear pathway for publishing a new e-journal. Cabinet's approval of an e-journal publishing document would be the indicator for this goal.

CSC also discussed NIH compliance. While CSC will support NIH compliance through its outreach efforts, it is not a goal that CSC has direct responsibility for.

Following up on earlier work to identify digital resources at Rutgers research centers, CSC will identify five key collections from its list for further investigation.

Goal I.G. "Develop services that facilitate scholarly communication and support the research in process among researchers at Rutgers".

The committee felt that this was a primary area of responsibility. One area of development supporting this goal will be the partner portals being developed for next summer's RUCore release. Departmental web pages will be able to incorporate a customizable RUCore box that displays their department's deposits and allows custom search. Data curation will also be incorporated in RUCore, sometime next year.

A specific CSC goal under this heading will be to develop a set of criteria for surveying departmental websites, to be used by liaisons to provide information on that department's web activities. The outcome will be reports from liaisons, and the indicator the number of reports. CSC will also continue to review and enhance the Scholarly Communication website.

Goal I.H. "Advocate for university and faculty participation in the open access movement to increase the impact of our faculty's research and expand access to scholarly information."

CSC will address this strategic plan goal as part of its educational outreach. CSC will create materials for training of liaisons by the Spring. These materials will be used for "roadshows" to departments in Fall 2009 that address various aspects of scholarly communication: open access, copyright in research and teaching, and such. The roadshows will be designed with plenty of time for interactivity and discussion with faculty.

In addition, CSC will do outreach to faculty bodies on all three campuses to raise awareness of open access issues.

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