Minutes of October 12, 2010 Meeting

K.Au (recorder), T.Frusciano, M.Gasparotto,Q. Hu, T.Izbicki, H.Li, K.Mulcahy, R.Sewell.

1. Election of Chair: Izbicki and Li will serve as co-chairs.

2. Goals: Last year's strategic plan included two items which refer to CSC: expand faculty usage of RUCore, and assess usage of RUCore. Izbicki will draft formal activities for committee review at the next meeting.

3. Senate Committee on Research and Graduate and Professional Education was charged with addressing publishing and open access issues. Sewell was invited to that Committee's next meeting on Oct 15 (Camden) or Nov 19 (New Brunswick). The New Brunswick Faculty Council is likely to participate in future discussions.

4. Policy on deposit of publications by RU faculty:

  1. Possible activity for the Committee is to develop policy for RUL faculty.
  2. Oregon State University has such a policy for library faculty - Gasparotto will upload the document to CSC's Sakai site.
  3. The RUL Liaison Action Team will be discussing the role of faculty liaisons and subject librarians in soliciting faculty submissions.

5. Information sharing

  1. Hu related comments from the Editor of the Rutgers-based Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs: great reluctance to adopt open access model because of perceived negative impact on economic viability for the publisher.
  2. Gasparotto reported on the work of the Data Working Group in developing protocols for managing data sets and ingesting them into RUCore. Many file and document formats are acceptable.
  3. Izbicki will invite R. Marker as Committee member; the group also discussed the possibility of a second science librarian on the Committee.

Next meetings: 10/26, 11/9, 11/23, 12/7

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