Minutes of September 24, 2012 Meeting

Tom Izbicki (AUL/CDM, Co-Chair), Laura Mullen (Co-Chair, science), Jane Otto (digital library issues, Senator), Donna Schulman (social sciences, minutes), Jeffery Triggs (SCC, recorder), Janice Pilch (Copyright), Joseph Deodato (digital library issues).
Caryn Radick (SC&UA), Minglu Wang (Data) ?

Pre-meeting discussion about the American Historical Association (AHA) on the question of whether they have come out against open access. Clarification: They are against Gold open access and the "author-pays" model. Green open access works better. Scientists have money to pay, but humanists don't.

1. Open Access Policy, University Senate Update (Jane Otto)

There has been a lot of activity on this issue as it winds down the road to a vote in the full Senate. The Open Access documents are prominently available on the University Senate website. Jane has been appointed a co-chair of the Research, and Graduate and Professional Education Committee (RGPEC), which means that she will be presenting it to the Senate. The university legal department was consulted; they consider it a policy, rather than a legal, matter and referred it to the EVPAA's office.

The Senate met on Sept. 24, with the RPGEC meeting in the morning, and four caucus meetings following that. Jane gave an update at the faculty caucus and also was able to mention the Open Access initiative when she introduced RGPEC to the full Senate at its first meeting of the year. She will be presenting to the Senate Executive Committee on Oct. 5th. Hopefully, the Committee will approve the OA Policy so it can be considered at the University Senate meeting on October 19th. A couple of tweaks have been proposed to the language so that it will comply with Senate protocol and tie into President Barchi's university goals. Jane will meet with the Senate Secretary to implement the changes.

RGPEC has a new charge on research infrastructure, with five sub-charges, including streaming video. They will be looking at data in RUcore. There is a building excitement about open access. (See full text of this new charge, taken from Senate website, below.)

Laura observed that the new Budapest Open Access Initiative (BOAI) recommendations were just issued. They come out of a March 2012 meeting of high- level open access leaders, and are all in line with what we have been doing, and could be used as part of the presentation to the senate.

2. Copyright Update (Janice Pilch)

There are two big items going on in RUL.

(a) There is a discussion on digital workflow in Cabinet. Janice's concern is the legal workflow for digitization projects: What is the most efficient way to get projects finished in compliance with copyright laws and guidelines? There has never been such a transparent legal workflow at the library, and we need one. Janice will present on legal workflow on Oct 24th as part of Open Access Week (see appendix).

(b) Janice is also working on a campus-wide Copyright Education Program, which will be directed at everyone-librarians, faculty, instructors, graduate students, etc. She is getting a lot of questions about copyright from different university sectors, and needs to create a way to get information out quickly and efficiently. A website on copyright is the initial focus, it will feature FAQ's; Janice envisions at least 30 handouts available through the website. The handouts will answer practical questions such as "Can I videotape in a classroom?" The question was asked: Where would this website go? It might be hosted by RUL or someplace more general; this needs to be decided.

3. Open Access Week Planning (Laura Mullen)

Open Access Week is the week of October 22nd; CSC will be hosting a panel on Tuesday Oct 23, 2pm -4pm, in the Pane Room, co-sponsored with the Centers for Global Advancement and International Affairs.

i. Daniel Fishman, Rutgers (PCSP)
ii. Jim Gilden, Sage Publishing
iii. Helen Berman - Protein Data Bank
iv. Nancy Kranich - social responsibility aspect of OA

Marianne Gaunt will start the program with a greeting to guests and presenters. Laura will do introductions. Jane might also talk briefly about the Rutgers OA policy. Speakers are all confirmed. We need bios of the speakers.

Discussion on the details involved in recording the panel for RUcore. We need a better workflow for this and the appropriate forms. More discussion about technical support; Laura will look into getting someone to be present for the whole event. There will be tables with materials for after the panel, during the reception. We need help setting up at 1pm. Several committee members volunteered. Tables include RUCore, RUresearch and open access journals.

Publicity: Laura is meeting with Harry about PR. Brochures are needed for the day of the event. Flyers will also be needed to publicize. We would like to have material showcased, with a banner, the whole week, how is that done? Check with Harry.

Discussion: Do we want to encourage attendance from people outside of Rutgers? Would parking be a problem? The consensus was yes, reach out to non- Rutgers people-publishers, Princeton librarians, etc. Jane suggested inviting RGPEC members. There will also be a SAPAC presentation by Janice and an open access webinar from ALA the next day, Wed., Oct. 24. We could use the Pane room for those. (Pane Room capacity: 110 people.)

4) Strategic Plan (Tom Izbicki)

The Strategic Plan grid was distributed for study and comments and discussion of implementation, formulation of "deliverables". CSC cannot implement projects like the RUcore enhancements, but it can work on its own website and help with promotion and design. Charges 8, 9 and 10 are the statements that best reflect the committee's work. Focusing on these three, we can suggest practical goals by email and we can discuss it next time. Jane suggested we list an article of OA. The strategic plan grid will be discussed further at the next meeting.

Tom would like a better sense of the scope of the demand from faculty for e-journals. We need to examine the big picture of digital projects and the politics of what gets done. Janice adds the question of priorities. Guidance is needed for setting up digital open access journals. Is that our job or Cabinet's?

Doodle poll for website meeting. Next meeting October 30.


A. New RGPEC Charge on Research Infrastructure

Research Support Infrastructure: In preparation for the Rutgers/UMD merger, investigate the status of the research support infrastructure at Rutgers, including instrumentation, equipment, maintenance contracts, site licenses, and shared data storage. Provide recommendations that have the potential to reduce associated costs and enhance opportunities for information, equipment, and instrumentation sharing. Provide recommendations about research data security and academic and non-academic support services. Respond to Senate Executive Committee by April 2013. [Note: Individual deadlines for the subsections listed below will be discussed at the September 2012 RGPEC meeting.]

This charge has been divided into subsections as follows:

Janice Pilch, Copyright and Licensing Librarian
"RUL Digitization Efforts and Open Access"

Janice will discuss the legal workflow for digitization initiatives that will facilitate RUL efforts to open our collections to the public. Topics will include: what has made digital projects successful in the past from the legal perspective; fact-gathering to enable decisions on copyright ownership, copyright status, and rights; risk assessment; the role of fair use; legal approaches to digitization; and other considerations that effect our ability to digitize collections. Also discussed will be what is meant by "open access" in the context of library digitization.

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