Minutes of July 22, 2013 Meeting

Laura Mullen (Co-Chair), Jane Otto, Caryn Radick, Gene Springs, Jeffery Triggs, Minglu Wang
Tom Izbicki (Co-Chair), Janice Pilch, Yingting Zhang

1) Welcome remarks

Today's meeting is to set the agenda for the upcoming year, and to follow up with recent work needing completion. Two items needing immediate attention are a review of the new "Research Services" website, and a decision on moving forward with any planning for events for Open Access Week (coming in October). The charge of CSC (now a standing committee) has changed over time, and this year the Planning and Coordinating Committee will be discussing the organization of scholarly communication at RUL. CSC will give input and Mullen will take to PlanCo. CSC will consult with Rules of Procedure to confirm the Arts and Humanities member of the group. Members discussed interests for agenda this year, and MOOCs, open educational resources, collection development issues (with OA resources), scholarly publishing, issues of quality and credibility of OA journals, and the Obama directive creating consultation opportunities (with funders) for libraries were some of the issues brought forward.

2) Research Services Webpage Review

This page (with icons) should be linked from the main RUL page and needs more visibility. The TOC links were discussed as well as various enhancements to the pages for individual services. The new page with icons found under "information for researchers" needs to be included also under "information for faculty" and we may want to replace the multiple links found on the faculty info page with one link to the new website. CSC would still like to consider showcasing the research services from the front page. Other decisions were the need to hyperlink the title bars in addition to the icons. Should we include small versions of the icons in the subpage menus? Users searching the website for various services such as "open access policy" or "data management" right now lead to the old pages rather than the new ones. CSC discussed the "open access journals" page that had been planned for. There is now a placeholder since this topic is still in flux. We need to be sure of each service before we put up a public page. Open access journals, discussed multiple times in CSC last year, will continue to be a topic of discussion in the coming year. Mullen will continue to follow up with CSC as this discussion evolves. Wang will work on suggested changes to the website, and then CSC will announce its availability to RULeveryone to increase its visibility. Suggested changes are to include Mullen's and Otto's names along with emails on the OA Policy page. The new digitization projects process was discussed in terms of the necessity of including a more "public" version of this document somewhere. What's available now is difficult to find and is more workflow oriented. The digitization projects page on the website does include some information that might suffice for those faculty and researchers looking for information on how we handle requests. Other ideas for future services to be added as sections to the research services website included digital humanities, and information on library scholarly publishing (most pressing right now is OA journals). CSC has sent the completed citation management tools page to USC. This page was completed by Zhang and is ready to be put up. The link with the words "News Feed" needs to be removed from the DCRC page, but the link to the blog should remain. Mullen will send out an announcement about the webpage and we will continue its development. There was concern that the research data management service page be left up while we are working out some issues, and the agreement was that it remain.

3) Open Access Week 2013

For two years running we had a $500 grant from the Rutgers Centers for Global Advancement and International Affairs. The first year, we coordinated the programs on Wikipedia and on the Liberia initiatives. Last year we presented a panel presentation entitled (in part) "Rutgers Shares its Scholarship with the World." This event featured a moderated panel with 4 speakers on open access, and included a showcase of posters and demos on RUcore initiatives. Various giveaways such as Suber's book and SPARC OA materials were provided to attendees. Last year's program coincided with the OA Policy vote-which added a nice dimension. This year, OA Week is again being held in the end of October. We did not apply for any funding this year, but Mullen feels we would get other support to put on a program and reception. It is crucial that planning begin now if CSC wants to create programming for that week. What should we do this year? Ideas included programming on digital humanities, open textbooks and MOOCs (or other aspects of open educational resources), a general "meet and greet" about open access, a program about the OA Policy that's coming, and possibly inviting one high profile speaker rather than a panel. Various names were suggested. The group remembered the idea of sponsoring a panel with SCI on a topic of mutual interest. We may not have time for something large this year, and due to workload, it is better if this kind of effort is really a group initiative. No conclusion was reached on what to do for Open Access Week. CSC will discuss via email.

4) Open access policy implementation

Mullen and Otto are co-chairing the Open Access Policy Implementation Working Group. This is a small group made of up faculty (and some grad students) that are a subgroup of the RUL Advisory Council. The first meeting was May 29th and a second is scheduled for October. This committee is meant to listen to what people want rather than tell them what they need. One example of the type of ideas emanating from the group is that there could be a "leader" for each department who would self-archive their work and act as liaison for others. The committee is building a list of units across the university, looking at the possibilities for working systematically and holistically. There should also be a series of presentations. Departmental faculty serving on the working group have made various suggestions about the faculty deposit portal of RUcore, and they like aspects of the DASH interface better. We need to mock up a couple of websites and may use DASH as a model. DASH is very well known. The timeline is short, and the working group will only have about one year to complete its work (ending Dec. 2014). Mullen and Otto will be taking suggestions to the various groups at RUL that can respond with enhancements. Rutgers has joined COAPI (Coalition for Open Access Policy Institutions) as well as registered the OA Policy in ROARMAP.

5) Agenda setting

The Planning and Coordinating Committee will have, as part of its ongoing agenda this year, an agenda item called "Scholarly Communication Organization." PlanCo will be looking into how we are structured to determine if a new organization of our work would be best for all of work in all of the many areas of scholarly communication that we are currently in. This will be a very large area in the future, and planning is needed into this process.

The Agenda item on sharing conference presentations done/attended at ALA and other conferences was tabled until the next meeting. Also tabled was the discussion of the CSC's responsibility to follow up from last year's discussions of the RUL faculty about research services. CSC has been assigned scholarly publishing and other services as well.

Announcements: Mendeley visit: Mullen will send out more information about this August program since CSC had discussed this resource last year.

Respectfully submitted,
Laura Mullen, August 1, 2013

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