Minutes of September 22, 2014 Meeting

Laura Mullen (Co-Chair), Jane Otto, Minglu Wang, Caryn Radick, Aletia Morgan, Rhonda Marker (Recorder), Jill Nathanson, Tom Izbicki (Co-Chair), Krista White (audio), Yingting Zhang, Janice Pilch.

1. Chair's report (Laura Mullen)

Mullen welcomed the committee, including new members. She reminded the committee that we have a listserv and we should use it liberally for discussion. We decided to choose our chair for the year via email. There are several initiatives that CSC can take this year. Mullen remarked on the volume of webinars that are announced to us, and proposed that we set up a local registry of webinars. Perhaps we can list events on our Resources for Researchers webpage. We also hope to do some reorganizing around scholarly communication. We hope to have more programming this year. We will pick up with near-monthly updates in the Research Facilitators' newsletter. We already have a list of topics, and we will circulate the list again. We can discuss on our listserv who will take each topic. We would like to invite Dr. Martin Paul Eve (OLH Project Director) from the Open Library of the Humanities to RUL. Our goals and activities for the year are due October 15. Collection development with open access materials will probably figure into our goals and activities.

2. "Round Robin" Brief Updates

a. Digital Humanities Working Group (Radick)

The group met over the summer. The focus is on deciding what people want for digital humanities, what we can do for them, and what is going on at all campuses related to digital humanities. They are proposing a DH lab in Alexander library, outlining what equipment is needed and so forth. It has been approved in principle by the library administration, but funding has not been committed. In answer to a query about using the Fordham Lab as the digital humanities lab, Radick and committee members explained that the New Brunswick librarian for digital humanities is located in Alexander Library, that most of the faculty who have been organizing around DH in New Brunswick is located on the College Avenue Campus, and that there are space constraints in Douglass Library. Also, the non-librarian faculty who are active in DH would like a dedicated space.

b. Copyright Initiatives (Pilch)

Pilch has received a number of queries about copyright for teaching and application of copyright. She has had an increasing number of requests to speak to departments. She has done some workshops each semester, and will be able to do more presentations to department beginning next semester. Nathanson offered to assist Pilch with the creation of an online workshop (slides, audio).

c. OA Journals Program (Mullen)

Mullen is working to re-open the journals program. Ron Jantz is the OA journals coordinator. Last year, we joined CrossRef and added DOIs to our hosted journals. Pilch completed an author's agreement. Mullen presented criteria for new journals to Cabinet in June. It will be on the list to consider in the next discussion of digital project priorities (expected in December), but for now all new OA journals are on hold until we have a journals preservation program.

d. Data Task Force (Morgan)

The task force has been meeting weekly since late July. Its goal is to validate the work already done, evaluate it with respect to what is being done in other CIC institutions and other high quality data repositories, and recommend processes for moving forward. Laura Palumbo is the task force chair. Their report, with a data policy, is due by December.

e. Wikipedia/Health Competencies (Zhang)

Zhang is participating in the Wikipedia Project. The purpose of the project is to evaluate the depth and authoritativeness of Wikipedia diversity content and identify content gaps. The project adds reliable digital content with improved references and links so that Wikipedia articles can reliably be used for research. Working with Wikipedia scholar Daniela Mejia and project co-leader Yu-Hung Lin, Zhang wrote a new Wikipedia article, Cultural competence in health care http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cultural_competence_in_health_care. Mejia is interested in giving a training session at the Libraries. Zhang, White, and Izbicki will organize a training session with Mejia.

3. Status of CSC "Information for Researchers" page (Wang)

The Digitization projects page has been updated with a link to the proposal/questionnaires. The Citation management tools page has been updated with a revision to EndNote. We also need to add Mendeley. Each product has an expert. There is more work to be done with citation management education. We will work on this together with User Services Council, which is interested in providing more online tutorials. Any updates to the pages go through Wang, but the email should also copy the CSC list. In addition, any responses to queries that come through the Contact Us form should also be copied to the CSC list.

4. New Panel for Digital Humanities (Radick, White)

The committee looked at the "DH @ RU" page http://dh.rutgers.edu/. For our panel on the Information for Researchers page, we will have an explanation of digital humanities (definition), a short list of DH projects, and links to resources available at the Rutgers campuses. The contacts will be the main DH contacts at Camden (Zara Wilkinson), Newark (White), and New Brunswick (Francesca Giannetti). The committee approved adding the panel. They will send a link to the prototype to the CSC email list after the editing has been done, for further discussion and final approval.

5. Open Access Policy Implementation Update/Request for Feedback on SOAR (Otto, Mullen)

Otto and Mullen asked CSC members to try out the SOAR (Scholarly Open Access at Rutgers) web page and send them feedback. It is the scholars' deposit pathway, for faculty, doctoral students, and post-doctoral fellows. The Rutgers University Open Access Implementation Working Group wanted a new, compelling website, so they developed SOAR. In particular, they would like comments on the home page, search and browse, My Account, the statistical display, the brief and full record displays, multiple versions, cover sheets, and the content of SOAR. The FAQs are still being developed. The Working Group has prepared an RFP for the creation of a video on Open Access, with funding. SOAR has to be integrated into the RUcore page and other places. The next group will work on waivers and related issues. That group consists of Otto, Mullen, Pilch, and Marker.

6. OA Week: final discussion of OA Week 2014

Open Access Week is the week of October 20. The committee discussed the possibility that we will do tabling in the campus centers, or in front of libraries. Mullen will follow up. This year's theme is "Generation Open", with a focus on graduate students and early career researchers. USAWG offered to help with a takeaway for the tables, based on the main message we want to convey. CSC concluded that our main emphasis will be on the Rutgers University Open Access Policy, as expressed in the newly revised, two-page handout ("the green sheet").

7. Annual Goals/Activities

We will conduct discussion about our annual goals and activities by email.

8. Announcements

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