Minutes of October 27, 2014 Meeting

Laura Mullen (Chair), Rhonda Marker, Aletia Morgan (Recorder), Jill Nathanson, Jane Otto, Janice Pilch, Caryn Radick, Minglu Wang, Krista White (audio), Yingting Zhang.
Tom Izbicki

1. Chair's report (Laura Mullen)

a. After CSC's online discussion, Mullen confirmed that she will chair CSC for the 2014-2015 Academic year. Tom Izbicki is a CSC member, ex officio. As AUL on CSC, Tom will bring CSC initiatives to Cabinet as needed.

b. The responsibility for recording CSC meeting minutes will rotate alphabetically; the recorder should send Mullen the draft of minutes that she will review and share for CSC approval. Final minutes will be stored on Sakai and recorded on the RUL web site.

c. Mullen was invited to be a panelist at an OA Week presentation at Princeton earlier in October, and the concept of a "Scholarly Communication Office" was discussed. Brochures from the event were shared. We discussed RUL's "scholarly communication organization" at PlanCo throughout the last year. PlanCo's discussions centered around studies of other peer/aspirant universities' organizing of the work of scholarly communication. In the end, PlanCo recommended continuing discussions into the future with a focus on inclusiveness for our own work. We may want to continue this discussion within CSC.

d. Thanks to Minglu Wang for her work to manage and update our "Information for Researchers" web page at http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/services_researchers.

2. "Round Robin" Brief Updates

a. Copyright Initiatives (Pilch)

Pilch commented on the recent Georgia State University appeals court ruling that remanded to the lower court a 2012 ruling that supported GSU's claims of fair use against the plaintiff publishers concerning course-related material. The appeals court declared the 2012 ruling to have been based in part on legally flawed methodology, requiring a new analysis of the four fair use factors. She said that the outcome of the case is difficult to predict. At this time the decision will not affect any of our current practices. We will await further developments in the case.

b. Open Access Week (Mullen)

Mullen reminded us that we purposefully didn't do much to promote OA Week this year. The event only included a new Alexander Library Bulletin Board (Aletia), OA handouts and the sponsored videoconference. The VC didn't quite meet expectations, but she will send a link of the recording to those that attended, as apparently the sound quality is better than what we experienced. Next year, OA week will be a bigger event, with the public launch of SOAR and the implementation of the Rutgers OA Policy. For example, some events we might want to include could be:

i. Discipline Symposia, such as Newark/Biomed, New Brunswick/Humanities, etc.

ii. We might consider establishing a separate OA Week Committee to manage the event. CSC will need to start planning early if programming is to be successful.

Also, Mullen and Otto attended a World Bank OA Week kickoff event on Monday 10/20 in Washington, DC. There was a lot of OA interest from early career researchers, who will be an important demographic for OA at Rutgers due to the unique nature of the RU OA Policy.

c. Dana Library Outreach (Wang)

In coordination with the Graduate School, three workshops have been conducted on Scholarly Communication. Marker and Pilch both led sessions, and a third was held during OA week. Dana Librarians have also met with the new Vice Provost for Research (Dr. Nabil Adam), to acquaint him with data services and other programs. Finally, two workshops will be offered in November, including one on Data Management Planning.

d. RUL Research Data Task Force (Morgan)

The Task Force, chaired by Laura Palumbo, has continued to meet, with a planned ending date of December 31. The group has completed a review of 37 universities and organizations that provide research data management and repository services. On October 16, an interim report was submitted to AULs Just and Agnew that summarizes the general findings regarding staffing, funding, and policy characteristics. The Task Force is now working on developing recommendations for these aspects of any RUL Research Data Management organization.

e. SOAR Update (Otto)

Otto noted that a major release update to RUcore is due to be installed on November 17. She has completed a lot of compressed testing of back-end features such as notifications, cover pages, RUcore ingest notifications, and new collection structures. Some new features include a "request a copy" button for users to request access to embargoed content as well as a new "sort by date" display that allows review either by date of ingest or original content date.

A SC&I PhD student will be working on a SOAR marketing video. This video will be featured on the front page of the SOAR website.

Otto and Mullen gave a report to the University Senate RGPEC committee, which now includes new members unfamiliar with the OA initiative.

Mullen reminded the group that the SOAR site address should not be shared or promoted until January 1, 2015 as SOAR developments are ongoing.

There is a need for a marketing plan with promotional materials in place and a calendar of key events, including researcher days (a legacy UMD event), new faculty orientation, and new faculty resources expo.

f. Center for Online and Hybrid Learning Conference (Nathanson)

At the 2014 conference in January, Pilch, Lo, and Nathanson presented. The 2015 conference is scheduled for January 14/15, cosponsored by NJIT (Newark) and NJEdge (NB). Library presentations include copyright, persistent links, citation management and other general library resources and services.

3. Scholarly Networking - Moving Forward (Mullen)

Mullen led a discussion about various ways to enhance CSC services. They included consulting on scholarly networking tools, similar to what's been developed with the citation management tools. Should CSC identify "experts" in use of various products, and create a listserv? People often ask about who at RUL could be (or are) experts in services such as Mendeley, ResearchGate, Academia.edu, and VIVO. As an example, the graduate schools may be interested in trying to find a space for early career researchers to get support, and find collaborators. This support could include various types of tools and implementations, such as ORCID accounts and the like. The question becomes how to begin. Do we create a new Panel on the web site to support scholarly networking tools, for instance? Do we develop expertise in some or all of these tools? Zhang and Otto both feel it is essential that we have resources focused in this area. Marker noted that researchers look to us for unbiased recommendations - should we stay clear of taking sides regarding specific tools or products?. There is general agreement that we need to determine a path for supporting researchers in evaluating various tools. Otto would like to see one individual with "big picture" knowledge of this area, along with identified individuals with specialized knowledge. Marker asked that we be inclusive, and include all RUL faculty and staff, rather than limiting any initiative to the CSC only. Finally, a more immediate suggestion was to create a CSC Twitter account. At this point, presence on Twitter is expected, especially for conference participation.

4. Digital Humanities (Radick)

Radick discussed a new panel proposed for the Information for Researchers website, reviewing proposed content and a new Digital Humanities Working Group email address. Nathanson asked about content overlaps between the DH panel and the Digitization panel on the page. While there are overlaps between the two, and between DH and RUresearch, that is to be expected. Marker was wondering if there might be a better term than "Under Development" for three of the panels. Maybe "beta"? Another suggestion was "In Development". The group agreed to make this an agenda item for the November meeting. Additionally, it was suggested that the email address be changed to digitalhumanities@rutgers.edu. With the change in email address, the panel was approved for release.

At this point, there was a question regarding any other panels that should be considered in the future, such as "Altmetrics" (or all types of metrics), or "SOAR". Again, these can be considered at a later date.

5. ORED Research Newsletter Opportunity (Morgan)

In response to the opportunity to submit short feature articles for the ORED bi-weekly research newsletter, Morgan reviewed a list of possible topics with the group. The list will be posted as a Google Drive document, and CSC members can sign up for topics.

As an example, the newsletter item submitted by Yingting Zhang can be seen at http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/sites/default/files/researchers/PMCID_vs_PMID.pdf.

Recent newsletters are available at https://ored.rutgers.edu/node/17, and to subscribe to the newsletter, send an email request to res-comm@rutgers.edu.

6. Strategic Goals & Activities (Mullen)

A number of activities were identified that support specific objectives in the RUL Strategic plan. These plan objectives include:

a. Expanding our role in supporting faculty scholarship. These include activities such as the items in the ORED newsletter, Open Access activities, the regular updates and enhancements to the web site.

We need to identify demonstrable achievements during the course of this academic year. For example, our goal will be to have produced at least a certain number of ORED newsletter items by June 30, and having conducted some number of workshops on our OA policy.

b. Align our structure to respond with agility to changing needs (is this something CSC can do?)

c. Increase RUL impact on faculty scholarship. This can include areas such as SOAR, OA, and ETDs that help to distribute faculty research to the widest possible audience. These initiatives also demonstrate an increased responsiveness to the Public Services side of RUL, with the activities listed in (a.)

d. Partner with faculty to integrate Data Management into the graduate science curriculum and research to strengthen advocacy for the deposit of research data into RUcore. As part of this effort, work with the RUL Research Data Task Force as appropriate.

Mullen noted that we also need to have a discussion about how to bring more OA resources into collections and services. At this point, Mullen will create some language to respond to items 6a and 6c above, and we can review further. If any of us have been involved with activities that are examples of these activities, please send that to Mullen.

7. Announcements

Otto: Mullen and Otto are making presentations about SOAR at the Planning and Coordinating Committee (P&CC) and the next RUL Faculty meeting. By the time the OA Policy goes into effect, the Libraries will need to have developed its departmental plan and procedures. Each university department will make their own plan for working with the OA Policy via SOAR. The Libraries are developing that plan now, as it is important for RUL to be an early adopter and for librarians to have experience with this aspect of implementation. As part of the plan, RUL Area Updates and reappointment and tenure forms that include published articles will require a link to the article in SOAR/RUcore after the OA Policy goes into effect on Sept. 1.

It was also noted that Mullen, Otto, Pilch and Marker have been meeting regularly about the more complex aspects of OA Policy implementation and Mullen and Otto are using these discussions to inform the SOAR FAQ documents. Discussion items include topics such as waivers, embargoes, opt-outs, copyright issues, versioning, etc. This group of four will continue to meet and discuss all of the policy issues and language so that everyone has a clear and consistent understanding of SOAR deposit under the policy.

Mullen: Our next CSC meeting is scheduled for Monday, 11/24 at 10 a.m. in the UL Conference Room on the 3rd floor of Alex. Note room change, to try to have better remote support for meeting participants.

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