Minutes of July 27, 2015 Meeting

Karen Hartman, Tom Izbicki, Rhonda Marker, Aletia Morgan, Laura Bowering Mullen, Jane Otto, Janice Pilch, Caryn Radick, Minglu Wang, Krista White (recorder), Tao Yang, Yingting Zhang

Introductions of Members (first meeting of new FY)

AUL Report (Yang)

CSC Goals Discussion (Yang)

  1. Show effective implementation, success and progress of Open Access (and OA Policy) (Otto and Mullen)
  2. Copyright (Pilch)
    • Rollout of copyright and licensing web site (approximate September 1 date) to be followed by tutorials geared toward students
    • Work more closely with RUL librarians, staff, liaisons to integrate copyright into their work
    • More information for students, creation of legal frameworks for various initiatives such as open education resources, journals, etc., better communication among groups working in scholarly communications areas regarding copyright.
    • Web site tutorials - development of resources
    • Communication issue - for CSC connections between all of us
  3. RUcore emphasis on preservation aspects (Marker)
    • Preservation aspect of the repository is what sets it apart from other scholarly work - takes us beyond being just a web site or clearinghouse for discovery.
    • Preservation needs to be introduced into the conversation of scholarly communication - less theoretical, more good stewardship of media materials and participation in cooperatives with other institutions
    • Collaboration with other research services.
      • Collaboration with data creators.
      • Clarifying our services catalog for researchers.
  4. Citation management, improve efficiency by embedding more often in courses and continuing to work with other citation manager instructors (Zhang)
    • Working more closely with research administrators.
    • Monitoring RBHS units' NIH PAP compliance status so that you can see % of compliance, make reports on non-compliant items, and generate a list of progress reports that will be due within the next 3 months.
  5. Membership in Digital Library Federation (White) - will bring proposal to CSC so that it can get on the agenda in other areas.
  6. Investigate joining the Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association (OASPA) which is increasingly being used as a measure of quality of open access journals programs (along with journals' inclusion in DOAJ). (Mullen)

Chair's Report (Mullen)

Round Robin Updates

Open Access Week Events Update (Zhang)

RUL OA Journals Program Update (Mullen for Jantz)

SOAR Update (Otto, Mullen)

Mullen and Otto gave a "final" CSC update before the OA policy goes into effect on Sept. 1, including a discussion of the "scope statement" for SOAR.

Some questions about waivers and forms; Waivers and forms not yet live, but a number of forms will be made available soon and appear September 1, though some may be available sooner. These forms include waiver for publisher, CIC addendum, and a few others. Barbara Lee (SVPAA) will send out notification to all faculty by email that the OA policy is in effect. Mullen and Otto need to deliver the final SOAR report to Lee, as well as a draft of the proposed email intended for delivery to faculty. The OA Implementation Working Group is meeting on Aug. 5 for a wrap-up of the work on SOAR and the open access policy implementation.

There will be a Liaison Assembly on Friday, August 28 to be led by Nancy Kranich. This is an important part of the OA Policy outreach, giving departmental liaisons the information they need in order to reach out to their constituencies.

Need a scope statement for SOAR; SOAR is meant to be scholarship of Rutgers faculty, doctoral students and post-docs. Not for ETDs at this time - need to have limiters for these. A great deal of scholarship is not meant to be in SOAR. Grey areas include:

Mullen will put this topic on a future agenda, and we can use the FAQs to clarify.

CSC Webpage Update (Wang)

  1. Scholarly Communication page/CSC Webpage: Please send any updates or ideas to Wang.
  2. Need to have updated and current information posted on pages for users. This is our main communication place for our CSC work so very important to keep current.
  3. Future panels on the page will be Mendeley/scholarly networking tools, other one is up for grabs - some ideas have included metrics (both traditional and alternative), open textbook sources
  4. Need to have updates about scholarly communication topics emanating from the page. We need to continue to enhance the page for users interested in areas represented.
  5. Will have a twitter account just for SOAR.
  6. Wang and Zhang will coordinate populating Twitter feed - will continue to discuss by email.

NIH: clarification of RUcore services (Zhang, Marker)

Zhang and Marker clarified our procedures and services to those complying with NIH mandates. When someone submits article in SOAR, if there is NIH compliance required, how are we ensuring this is being done? We offer troubleshooting, consultation and training sessions to support researchers in compliance with NIH PAP. We help them identify PMCIDs for their citations and find which submission method they need to use to deposit their publications in PMC. We help them use My Bibliography to manage their compliance. Marker has removed any wording about the old service from RUcore pages. Any users with questions can be referred to the NIH panel on the CSC webpage.

Open Educational Resources a potential e-textbook idea for discussion (Otto)

(Tabled for next CSC meeting due to time)

Digital Humanities Report/Update (White)

(Tabled, and will be first item on next CSC meeting agenda)

Announcements and Adjourn

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