Minutes of September 28, 2015 Meeting

Karen Hartman (recorder), Aletia Morgan, Laura Bowering Mullen (chair), Jane Otto, Janice Pilch, Rhonda Marker, Minglu Wang, Krista White (via telephone), Tao Yang
Tom Izbicki, Caryn Radick, Yingting Zhang

AUL Report (Yang)

Yang summarized items from his recent update to selectors that are of interest to CSC

Chair Report (Mullen)

Round Robin Updates

1. Open Access Week Events (Mullen for Zhang)

ORED is cosponsoring with the Health Sciences Libraries, "Symposium on Open Access: Perspectives in Biomedical and Health Sciences." Funding for this two part event is through a grant from NN/LM MAR obtained by Yingting Zhang and Judy Cohn. The keynote speaker is P. Scott Lapinski, Harvard University. Will Schweitzer, Director, Product Development at AAAS/Science has been added to the panel discussion. The event will take place on October 20 at the New Jersey Medical School, and on October 21 at the Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy.

2. ORED Update and Newsletter (Morgan)

ORED had its first meeting of the semester last Friday. There was a presentation from the RU Office of Federal Relations-Department of External Affairs; this office represents RU in D.C. (http://externalaffairs.rutgers.edu/federal-relations/federal-relations-overview)

There is a library update agenda item at each ORED meeting (Zhang and/or Morgan attend the meetings.) Morgan will send her own update about each meeting to the CSC internal list. The ORED newsletter (550 subscribers) is a summary. Zhang had a recent entry on Altmetrics. SOAR will be the next library item in the newsletter. Pilch would like to do one in the near future. Morgan will send out a sample of the structure. Yang will share the information about the ORED meeting and newsletter with VP/UL.

3. VIVO Conference 2015 (Mullen)

A networking tool with rich faculty profiles. Best examples of implementation of VIVO include: Duke University, Brown University, and Weill Cornell Medical. Many places are using Symplectic Elements to coordinate the publications/push aspect of VIVO. Please see Scholars@Duke for a great example of a networked OA/VIVO environment.

Open Educational Resources: a potential e-textbook idea for discussion (Otto)

New Rutgers Copyright Website (Pilch)

Soar Update (Otto, Mullen)

Website Panels-Update (Wang)

Next Meeting, October 26, 2015-Agenda Items

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