Minutes of November 23, 2015 Meeting

Judy Cohn, Karen Hartman, Rhonda Marker (recorder), Aletia Morgan, Laura Mullen (chair), Jane Otto, Janice Pilch, Caryn Radick, Minglu Wang, Krista White, Tao Yang, Yingting Zhang
Tom Izbicki (Retiring)

Introductions (Yang/All)

Judith Cohn, AVP for Information Services and Director, Health Sciences Libraries, is the Libraries Cabinet member for advanced research support. Yang will continue to work on issues that intersect scholarly communication and collection development, and is a member of CSC, ex-officio. Cohn said that CSC is a key body to engage with and provide support for advanced research needs.

Chair's Report (Mullen)

Izbicki is retiring next month. We thank him for his years on the committee and commitment to advancing scholarly communication issues in the Libraries.

Mullen shared a letter that was sent to all AAU and APLU research offices in advance of the all of the new federal agencies' compliance plans, most rolling out in the next few months. As all agencies with over 100 million dollar R&D expenditure will require institutional (and PI) compliance with making research results (publications and data in some cases) open access, the letter was asking universities to be sure they have appropriate measures in place in order to be able to facilitate this compliance. This letter references the implementation guide that the RU OA Policy is based on, so we are in good shape as far as the scenarios presented in the letter go.

Jill Nathanson requests participation at the Libraries' table at the online learning conference in New Brunswick in January 2016.

Round Robin Updates

ORCID (Otto): The University Senate Research and Graduate and Professional Education Committee (RGPEC) invited the ORCID executive director and technical director to meet in December with RGPEC members as well as Rutgers stakeholders, including representatives from RUL, OIT, and ORED in December. The ORCID report is due to the University Senate Executive Committee in February.

OA Textbook Initiative (Yang): The Libraries might move forward with the Open Education Initiative as part of undergraduate support under the direction of Melissa Just. The focus would be on informing teaching faculty about adopting open access textbooks in their classes.

CrossRef Meeting (Mullen): Mullen attended their annual meeting and reported on new developments. Rutgers University Libraries is a publisher member (journal hosting). This is a great meeting for librarian/publisher/vendor discussion.

Open Access Week Symposium Assessment (Zhang): 89 people attended (Newark: 53, New Brunswick: 36). 32 survey respondents. Zhang will send the survey results to CSC.

Digital Humanities Update (White)

White distributed a written report. The Digital Humanities Lab opening event featured six speakers and attendance from all geographic campuses. The DH Working Group is working on hosting Word Press and Omeka at the Libraries. They are looking into the possibility of Rutgers becoming a member of the Digital Library Federation, and planning a Fall 2016 DH Summit.

New Panels for Information for Researchers Website

Metrics panel: Committee agreed that a better title would be "Research Impact". Members were encouraged to send Zhang any text changes via email. Zhang will confirm the email list participants. Otto will place a web page template on our sakai site. At our next meeting, we will discuss what is the CSC role for services for citation analysis.

Scholarly Networking Tools: It is important that researchers are given accurate information about the tools, aligned more closely to the terms of use. Committee members had several suggestions for wording. We will continue the review of this panel via email.

Possible future panels: Open Textbooks, Research Identifiers

Title of Information for Researchers Webpage and Order of Contents

The Committee will ask to have the title of the page changed to either:
Information for Researchers & Scholarly Communication, or
Information for Researchers/Scholarly Communication

SOAR Update (Otto, Mullen)

Otto and Mullen met with Barbara Lee and Kris Maloney about implementing a communication plan. As a result, an email to everyone affected by the policy will be sent out in December. Lee and Maloney approved in concept a letter to department chairs and a flyer to faculty that will be sent to their mailboxes. They were also given the go-ahead to move forward with an advisory board. Mullen and Otto will put a ppt slide show and other materials on a sakai site for liaisons. They will also make promotional materials available at every library location. There will be a disciplinary-focused liaison assembly (as a follow up to the August liaison assembly that was more general).

Listing Librarians as "Research Support" with ORED (Otto)

ORED has a list of their staff who are available for research support (mostly, grant-funded research). Otto wanted to know if there is a place for library contacts on that list. Morgan will contact ORED to see whether this would be feasible or appropriate.

Announcements, Adjourn

There were no announcements. The meeting was adjourned.

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