Minutes of October 18, 2016 Meeting

Judy Cohn, Karen Hartman, Rhonda Marker (chair and recorder), Caryn Radick, Tao Yang, Yingting Zhang
Joseph Deodato, Laura Mullen, Jane Otto, Elizabeth Surles

1. Updates

Yingting Zhang circulated the ORED Newsletter list of topics already covered and future topics. She will continue to manage submission of topics to the newsletter editor. The committee reviewed the list of future topics and potential authors, given recent personnel changes. Ying will contact Ryan Womack about the possibility of writing a 250-word news brief on data management planning.

Jane Otto and Laura Mullen had a table at the RBHS new faculty orientation and the New Brunswick new faculty orientation to explain SOAR. Health Sciences Libraries also participated in the RBHS new faculty orientation.

2. Research and Scholarly Environment Working Group charge and membership

Judy Cohn presented the charge as approved by Cabinet, and asked CSC for recommendations for membership of this working group. This group is responsible for the ongoing work of maintaining and updating the Information for Researchers website. Judy reviewed the other components of the working group's charge. We proposed to add coordination and review of topics to submit to the ORED Newsletter to the WG's charge.

Laura provided comments via email to the CSC chair, which were shared with the committee. The committee discussed those recommendations and others, and Judy took them under advisement.

The Working Group will exist concurrently with the CSC. The Working Group has specific tasks to which it has been charged by Cabinet. It will not report to CSC, but to a member of Cabinet (currently, Judy). It is likely that the Working Group will include faculty, and that some members of the WG will also be members of CSC. There will be a review of the Working Group's charge and progress in Spring 2017, with the possibility that it might transition to another form or change membership.

CSC will continue for the rest of this academic year. Whether it continues after that depends on the faculty restructuring that is under discussion. It has the advisory role of a faculty body. This could include a discussion of what we mean by "scholarly communication". The Faculty Coordinator and Deputy Coordinator will convey the CSC's advice to Cabinet.

3. Support for Advanced Research and Scholarly Communication (as reflected in the 2018 Priorities for RUL)

Judy and Rhonda distributed the passage from Cabinet's 2018 Priorities (Draft 6) pertaining to scholarly communication and advanced research support. The charge for the Working Group is reflected in the "Operational Priorities" section. Cabinet will charge a group to identify activities, etc. 'beyond information control'. It is expected to deal with core scholarly communication and advanced research support issues.

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