Minutes of August 25, 2003 Meeting

Rhonda Marker (chair), Ruth Bogan, Ann Montanaro, Elizabeth Leister, Mary Beth Weber, Linda Langschied, Mary Alice Cicerale

Goals & objectives for 2003-2004:

The Committee agreed on these objectives for the Committee this year. They will support the Technical Services Council goal of “Continue the digital library initiative through the development and implementation of a digital library infrastructure that supports flexible, interoperable and responsive collections, systems, and services.”

  1. Complete the core metadata standards for RU
    1. Establish core administrative metadata standards
    2. Participate in the Digital Architecture and Infrastructure Work Group
  2. Articulate the MARC-based and non-MARC metadata vision and requirements for the Digital Library Initiative strategic plan
  3. Together with the Cataloging Department, actively support the metadata needs of digital projects in the Libraries and other departments of the University.
    1. Implement ongoing orientation and training to build a cadre of librarians and staff well versed in non-MARC metadata standards and applications
    2. Identify staff to provide metadata consultation services to digital projects in the Libraries and other departments of the University
    3. Write a metadata “best practices” manual for image database (Luna) contributors
    4. Institute metadata training services to digital projects in the Libraries and other departments of the University
    5. Complete the training of current digital project partners (Art History Department, Classics Department, Institute of Jazz Studies)

Meta-metadata and administrative metadata core elements:

Since Fedora is the underlying platform for an RUL repository, and Fedora utilizes a METS structure for digital objects, the Committee will focus on defining core metadata specifications for a METS object. The Committee discussed the basic METS metadata as expressed in the METS Header, the Descriptive Metadata, and the Administrative Metadata. We examined examples of METS objects in the RUL Fedora prototype, in MOA-II (Making of America II), the Library of Congress digital development registry, and the non-METS metadata in the proposed NISO standard for technical metadata for digital still images. The Committee agreed that our specifications should infuse current Fedora development. The workflow structure now being developed in the SCC for the digitizing process, in particular, should have core administrative and meta-metadata incorporated into the process. The emphasis at this point is to begin with a set of core specifications, and not get bogged down with developing a comprehensive metadata structure for a specific digital project. Ruth and Mary Alice will survey several METS schemas of standards- setting bodies (e.g., Library of Congress) and bring a draft METS Header/AdminMD registry to the next Data Arch meeting. To support this process, Ann will find additional instances of METS implementation and documentation.

Support of RUL/RU digital projects:

Mary Beth has begun work on writing a best practices manual for creating descriptive metadata to the Jazz Oral History Project. She will bring a copy of the manual-in-progress to the next Data Arch meeting.

DAWG/Data Arch cooperation and liaisons:

Ann will continue to be a liaison from DAWG to Data Arch. As Patrick Huey is able to participate, he will also be a liaison to Data Arch. There will be no formal liaison from Data Arch to DAWG. Discussions of metadata will be focused in Data Arch and not in DAWG.

Next meeting: Monday, September 15 at 10:00 a.m. in the TSB Conference Room.

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/data_arch/minutes/data_arch_03-08-25.shtml
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