Minutes of September 15, 2003 Meeting

Kalaivani Ananthan, Ruth Bogan, Mary Alice Cicerale, Harriet De Ceunynck, Kayo Denda, Hala Issa, Elizabeth Leister, Rhonda Marker (Chair), Ann Montanaro, Matthew Sheehy, Gracemary Smulewitz, Linda Turzynski

Administrative metadata for METS compliant documents

R. Bogan and M.A. Cicerale charted the draft METS Rights schema and shared that with the group. Library of Congress is still accepting comments on the draft. The group reviewed the Rights schema, and agreed with R. Bogan and MA. Cicerale that the schema should be expanded to include the following two elements: ContextBeginDate, and ContextExpirationDate. The Committee discussed whether a digital project would attempt to define every potential contextclass. The consensus was that most projects define rights for GeneralPublic, but beyond that they only define rights for those classes of users that are clearly expected to use the digital objects. The Committee also noted that any Digital Rights metadata would need to have an interface with an authentication system and that coordination with DAWG is essential.

The other administrative metadata will be charted in short order. Small groups were formed to do this for our October meeting.

Technical: K. Ananthan, R. Marker
Source: K. Denda, G. Smulewitz
DigiProv: M.A. Cicerale, H. Issa
METS Header: R. Bogan, E. Leister

Best practices manual

Metadata best practices guidelines, prepared by Mary Beth Weber for the Jazz Oral History Project, were shared with the group. They included the necessary elements of a “best practices” manual: Element or label name, definition of the element, recommended practice, and examples. The committee will use this as a guide to creating a more generic version that can be easily (we hope) customized for any particular digital project. We will also indicate which elements are required by RU Core or by the individual project. H. De Ceunynck and L. Turzynski agreed to work with M.B. Weber on this.

It was noted that RUL now has criteria for evaluating digital projects themselves, developed by the Collection Development Council. It already has been used to review a proposed digital project.

Next Data Arch meeting: originally scheduled for October 20, 10 a.m. Subject to change to October 22 if it is necessary to change the Coordinating Committee meeting to 10/20. A date certain will be set by 9/24.

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