Database Interface Group: Charge

The Database Interface Group (DIG) is a joint group proposed by the User Services Council. It is charged by the User Services Council and the Library Resources Council to address the issues relative to the continuous assessment and development of federated searching (e.g., Searchlight), citation linker, and database interface vendor options. The group is to: (1) assess existing and needed usage data relative to use, usability, and collections; (2) implement new enhancements and database connection files, interfaces and default settings; and (3) communicate findings, proposed changes, and policy decision matters to the Councils. Membership is comprised of representatives from a variety of constituencies within the Libraries, including public services, technical services, and library systems.

Committee created by the User Services Council in AY2008-2009. The first meeting of the group was February 13, 2009.

Last updated August 14, 2009
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