Minutes of October 10, 2012 Meeting

Joseph Deodato (chair), Theo Haynes, Dave Hoover, Cathy Pecoraro, Bob Warwick
Gracemary Smulewitz, Li Sun

1. Searchlight workshop feedback (All)

The group shared feedback regarding last monthís Searchlight workshop. Overall, the response from attendees has been positive and several librarians commented that the session had given them a better understanding of the product. Deodato thanked all DIG members for their participation in the discussion and assistance in answering questions from the audience. A second workshop is scheduled for October 31st. The committee agreed to extend videoconferencing to additional locations in order to maximize opportunities for attendance. After the workshops are concluded, DIG will extend a second invitation to selectors asking them to review the database offerings in their subject areas. Deodato will try to attend LRC in person to explain and answer questions about the configuration process. The committee intends to offer workshops on the Librariesí link resolver in the spring after it completes testing.

2. Searchlight connectors update (Warwick/Pecoraro)

Warwick and Pecoraro provided updates regarding the status of Searchlight connectors. Warwick has uploaded an updated list of current connectors to Sakai. Two new EBSCO connectors will be added to Searchlight: Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals and Africa-wide Information. The former is already available, the latter will be available once EBSCO builds a remote connector. Pecoraro reported that several new non-EBSCO connectors were included in our latest renewal as replacements for databases that we have either ceased subscriptions for or have since been acquired by EBSCO. Pecoraro will check to confirm that these connectors have been added to our account and will notify Warwick when they are available to be added to our EHIS profile. Once added to the profile, Deodato will assign them to the appropriate subject groups. No additional connectors will be acquired until the group receives further feedback from selectors. Warwick will contact our technical service rep to initiate a cleanup of profiles that currently appear on our account.

3. Widgets and custom search boxes (Deodato)

The group discussed methods for supporting librarians who wish to create custom federated search boxes for niche subjects or specific course assignments. Since demand for this service isnít expected to be particularly high, Deodato suggested that he may be able to support it in his role as LibGuides administrator. Hoover expressed concerns regarding proxy access for remote users.

At its September meeting, USC endorsed a recommendation to bolster promotion of the library's chat service by embedding it within our database interfaces. Currently, EBSCO and ProQuest appear to be the only vendors that support this feature. USC has decided to pilot this initiative with our EBSCO products for the time being. EBSCO allows us to embed custom widgets via iframe. All that is needed is a RefChatter widget tailored to the appropriate dimensions. Deodato will consult with Sam McDonald about getting the widget created.

4. Help Tickets (All)

Pecoraro reported that access to Humanities Full Text, General Science, and Readerís Guide was temporarily disrupted this week due to a subscription issue but has since been resolved. Hoover reported that the Web Team has created a temporary solution to a caching problem which was causing a delay in the appearance of database connection buttons resulting from the recent switch to a new server. Hoover introduced and the group endorsed a resolution that all technical problems, regardless of who they are reported to, are copied to the entire DIG list so everyone in the group is aware of ongoing issues. It was also recommended that DTS hold regularly scheduled conference calls with EBSCO tech support to follow-up and resolve the status of outstanding help tickets. DTS already receives a monthly report of all submitted help tickets from EBSCO. One of the committee goals for this year involves developing requirements for an internal help ticket tracking system which will hopefully result in more formalized reporting and communication procedures.

5. Announcements

Deodato reminded members about next monthís discovery product demos from ProQuest (11/5), EBSCO (11/5), and Ex Libris (11/30).

Meeting adjourned at 12:20pm
Submitted by Joseph Deodato

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