Minutes of February 13, 2013 Meeting

Joseph Deodato (chair), Theo Haynes, Dave Hoover, Sam McDonald (guest), Cathy Pecoraro, Bob Warwick
Gracemary Smulewitz, Li Sun

1. Searchlight Configuration Update

As in the previous semester, selectors were once again invited to review the configuration of federated search parameters for their subject areas and submit any changes via an online form. In addition to sending an invite to all selectors via email, Deodato also attended an NBCG meeting to explain the configuration process and answer questions. Changes were submitted by a total of three selectors. Updates were made in five subject areas. Four new connectors were requested for AnthroSource, Cochrane Library, Neurosciences Abstracts, and FIAF International FilmArchive Database. AnthroSource has already been added in place of Women’s Writers Online, which was cancelled last month. Since there are a number of databases for which RUL currently has connectors but are not assigned to any subject group, Deodato suggested that three of these be selected to swap for the new connectors (provided that they are available) without incurring any additional cost. He and Pecoraro will negotiate with EBSCO to arrange the substitutions and follow-up with the appropriate selectors. The most current configuration schema is available in the Searchlight folder on the DIG Sakai site.

2. Get it @ R Workshop

In fulfillment of one of its annual goals, DIG will offer a refresher workshop on the features and functionality of Get it @ R. The workshop will offer a basic overview of openURL protocol, explain how Get it @ R works, and address common pitfalls resolving links to full text. The workshop will be offered on two different dates, preferably during spring break, in order to maximize opportunities for attendance. The workshop will be presented by Hoover and Pecoraro but all DIG members are encouraged to attend in order to increase their familiarity with Get it @ R and help respond to questions. Hoover and Pecoraro will select the dates and location and email them to Deodato who will send out an announcement and set up the registration process.

3. Mid-Year Report

The group reviewed the mid-year status of its annual activities and discussed plans to complete unmet goals.

Activity Outcome Indicator Mid-Year Status Summary
1. Continue to maintain and improve the functionality of Searchlight Provide a usable federated search interface that produces efficient and effective results Subject groupings, database connectors, and search options are regularly reviewed, updated, and configured for optimal performance Completed Selectors were invited at the start of each semester to review search options in their subject areas. Subject groupings and database connectors were updated according to their specifications.
2. Draft and implement a comprehensive link resolver testing protocol Identify and resolve systematic performance and usability problems with the link resolver A testing protocol is implemented and the collected data is used to identify and resolve systematic link resolver problems On Hold Since RUL is considering switching to a new link resolver with the UMDNJ merger, testing has been postponed until after the merger.
3. Provide staff training on federated searching and link resolver products Increased staff awareness of products, features, and functionality Staff workshops offering guidance on the use of federated search and link resolver products In Progress Two workshops on Searchlight were offered in the fall semester. Two workshops on Get it @ R are currently being planned for the spring semester.
4. Devise a database management workflow Improved management and accessibility of library databases A workflow plan specifying tasks and responsibilities for making library databases publicly accessible Incomplete No action has been taken on this item yet.
5. Explore the feasibility of developing a help ticket reporting and tracking system Improved technical support and management of user-reported problems related to library databases Consult with IIS about the possibility of developing a DIG-specific or system-wide help ticket tracking system Incomplete No action has been taken on this item ye

Pecoraro recommended that activity #4 be rephrased from “devise” to “review and revise” a database management workflow so as to not give the misleading impression that such a workflow does not currently exist. McDonald, Pecoraro, and Warwick will review the current workflow plan, Making Additions to Our Websites, and recommend appropriate revisions to be reviewed and adopted at the next meeting.

Regarding activity #5, Deodato will draft a set of requirements for a help ticket tracking system to be reviewed at the next meeting. There was some debate as to whether DIG actually requires a tracking system since the majority of support requests involve holdings issues and are reported directly to the Serials Team. Technical issues are also often reported to Serials first and then referred to DIG (or Dave or Bob) as necessary. Deodato suggested that the group proceed with drafting the requirements as a means of furthering the discussion. If the requirements demonstrate a sufficient need for such a system, the group will consult with IIS about the feasibility of developing one within Drupal. If not, the group can discuss alternative options.

4. Help Tickets

Pecoraro distributed a list of open and closed EBSCO support cases reported in the last twelve months. The majority of cases related to holdings issues reported by the Serials Team. It was noted that the problem with exporting records from Searchlight into RefWorks, which was reported in September 2012, has not yet been resolved.

5. Next Meeting

The next DIG meeting is scheduled for March 13th. Agenda items will include review of the database management workflow plan and requirements for a help ticket tracking system.

Meeting adjourned at 11:45am
Respectfully submitted by Joseph Deodato

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