Minutes of October 1, 2002 Meeting

Present: Anne Butman, Tom Frusciano, Judy Gardner, Michael Giarlo, Nick Gonzaga, Dave Hoover, Ron Jantz (recorder), Sam McDonald, Ann Montanaro, Jeffery Triggs, and Karen Wenk.

1. Introduction and Background

As part of the introduction, we spent some time discussing why the group was created and some of the challenges that we will be addressing. What we see in the environment are problems such as the following: 1) lots of digital collections being amassed with little integration, 2) little thought being given to digital preservation, 3) the need to handle many digital formats, 4) ability to scale to millions of objects, and 5) long term sustainability and the concern for "abandoned" projects (projects without an owner). This list is not an exhaustive one however the discussion helped get us develop a more common understanding of the landscape.

2. Review of Purpose and Objectives

We discussed the purpose and objectives of the WG as developed by Grace Agnew. The purpose of the group as prepared by Grace is repeated here for the benefit of our readers.

Purpose: The Digital Architecture and Infrastructure WG reports to the Technical Services Council. It is tasked with developing policies and procedures to support an integrated, secure, and effective common infrastructure to support all networked systems and digital library activities within the Rutgers University Libraries. In addition, this WG is tasked with developing a digital infrastructure to support an integrated, sustainable digital library initiative. Rutgers DLI infrastructure is being designed to be flexible and extensible in the following ways:

It was highlighted that the group is charted to develop both policies and procedures and a digital infrastructure. We spent quite a bit of time on the meaning of architecture. Ron offered a definition as follows: "Architecture, as an activity, is the mapping of functional requirements to physical objects. The architecture activity typically precedes the design phase when building a system. In the software and technology area, these objects can be databases, files, software objects, modules, scripts, subroutines, etc." Ron offered to find a more formal definition. It was also suggested that we form a list of definitions and links to resources. There are a lot of acronymns that were used in the discussion (METS, SCORM, OAIS, etc)

3. WG Initiatives

As is evident in the purpose, there are two major areas of work for the group: infrastructure and architecture. We decided to form two subgroups to work in each area and we would use the larger group to educate ourselves and resolve issues that cannot be resolved in the subgroups. The full working group will also formulate initiatives, communicate across the subgroups, and communicate externally via minutes, status reports, and presentations. After reviewing the objectives for the group, we discussed Ron's proposal for initial tasks for each group. After making one addition to "infrastructure" as suggested by Nick, we will be focusing on the following initial tasks:



These tasks do not include all the objectives proposed for the group, but we felt the items selected were of the highest priority and formed a good starting point. Members of the subgroups are:
Infrastructure: Anne Butman, Judy Gardner, Mike Giarlo, Nick Gonzaga, Dave Hoover, and Ron Jantz
Architecture: Tom Frusciano, Judy Gardner, Dave Hoover, Ron Jantz, Sam McDonald, Ann Montanaro, Jeffery Triggs, Karen Wenk.

The immediate tasks for the subgroups are to identify a convener/chair for the group, develop a timeline for their activities, and begin work on selected tasks. The infrastructure subgroup will meet October 16 at 1:30 in the SCC (Mike Giarlo will send out a note) and the architecture subgroup will meet on October 11 at 2 pm in the SCC - Heyer room.

4. Next Meeting

The next meeting of the full WG will be at 1:30 on Nov. 13 in the SCC - Heyer room. The next recorders in alpha sequence are Sam McDonald, Ann Montanaro, Jeffery Triggs

Ron Jantz - Chair and Recorder for the meeting

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