Minutes of November 13, 2002 Meeting

Present: Anne Butman, Tom Frusciano, Michael Giarlo, Nick Gonzaga, Dave Hoover, Patrick Huey, Ron Jantz, Sam McDonald (recorder), Ann Montanaro, Lynn Mullins, Jeffery Triggs, Karen Wenk, and Yung Yu.
Not Present: Judy Gardner

DAWG-Architecture Update

The second meeting of the DAWG group focused on discussing important new technolgies (OAI-PMH, SCORM) and on developing and clarifying the needs of the network architecture. The diagram below illustrates some of the repositories interacting with a proposed RU repository.

High level view diagram

The architecture at this point is "content netutral." It should be able to capture any kind of data. Future policies may determine what actually gets "ingested."

The RU Repository is to be: institution based capturing RU output and is intended to be cumulative and perpetutual while remaining open and interoperable with other systems.

The OAIS Functional model (an ISO standard) will inform our work to develop functional requirments.

The OAIS Functional model (with entities)

OAIS Reference Model [http://wwwclassic.ccsds.org/documents/pdf/CCSDS-650.0-B-1.pdf] (148 pp), is the model for designing the "RU Repository".

The timeline for DAWG-A's work is:

Next scheduled DAWG-A meeting: December 11, 2 p.m., Heyer Room.

DAWG-Infrastructure Update



Karen gave an overview of SCORM using printed PowerPoint slides from an earlier presenation.


Ron explained OAI-PMH (A Metadata Harvester protocol) using prepared printed PowerPoint slides.

Next Meeting

DAWG will meet December 19 at 1:30 in the Heyer room. Please see the homework below.

Next Recorders:
  Ann Montanaro
  Lynn Mullins
  Jeffery Triggs


Read D-Space Functional Requirements [http://dspace.org/technology/functionality.pdf]

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