Minutes of January 30, 2003 Meeting

Present: Ron Jantz (chair), Judy Gardner, Nick Gonzaga, Dave Hoover, Samuel McDonald, Lynn S. Mullins (recorder), Robert E. Nahory (guest), Jeffrey Triggs, Karen Wenk, and Yu Yang
Not Present: Anne Butman, Tom Frusciano, Michael Giarlo, Ann Montanaro, Patrick Huey

1. The next meeting of the full DAWG was originally scheduled for March 11 and will be re-scheduled due to a conflict with the visit to the University of Virginia - see below.

2. Additional dates of importance:

3. Updates

As noted above, a small group will visit the University of Virginia to discuss Fedora and this group is asked to review the Fedora technical specifications prior to the visit.

4. Review of requirements and "roadshow" charts

5. Communication and Education

We will continue to update the charts for communication outside of DAWG. Possible forums/committees to talk to about our progress and to obtain feedback from include the RUL faculty (at either the March 7th or June 13th meeting), Cabinet, and a library-wide training program on preparing for the digital future (April 9th). We will do the "higher level" communication about our work first, and later address some of the more technical aspects of the standards and processes related to the building of the digital library network/infrastructure.

6. Jeffrey Triggs did a demonstration on a prototype he has developed for cross- repository searching (searching XML collections and using Z39.50 databases) in the Information Handling Laboratory. This prototype demonstrates the concept of a virtual network by searching across multiple repositories and integrating the results. It is also a very good demonstration of how we can link to existing projects such as the NJ Environmental Digital Library.

7. Next steps

We will continue to evaluate mass storage technologies in order to make an informed decision for pending grant applications. We will continue our review of Fedora based on the discussions at Virginia.

8. Notes

Bob Nahory will join us as a regular member.

Recorders for next meetings: Triggs, Wenk, Yang.

Ron Jantz will send out email to schedule the next full DAWG meeting.

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