Minutes of April 2, 2003 Meeting

Present: Ron Jantz (chair), Anne Butman, Tom Frusciano, Judy Gardner, Michael Giarlo, Nick Gonzaga, Dave Hoover, Patrick Huey, Samuel McDonald, Ann Montanaro, Lynn S. Mullins, Robert E. Nahory, Jeffrey Triggs (recorder), and Yu Yang Not Present: Karen Wenk


Ron Jantz reported on the progress of DAWG-I in selecting a mass storage system. Discussions were held with representatives from EMC and ADIC. We have tentatively selected a vendor, but other vendors, including Dell, IBM, and Sun, are being investigated as well. Funding for the mass storage system was included in the IMLS grant.


The trip to the University of Virginia, March 10-11 2003, went well. The Rutgers group, Ron Jantz, Michael Giarlo, Dave Hoover, and Jeffery Triggs, attended a presentation on FEDORA along with groups from Yale and a consortium of Washington, D.C. libraries. The discussion provided a good overview of the software, and we were able to ask and get answers to a number of questions about it. We have since downloaded the Beta 0.9 version and installed it on a server at the SCC.


The FEDORA 1.0 release, which is not expected to include major changes, is due sometime in April. We have begun entering a few test objects into the system and will continue to enter others. Ron Jantz has an XML template that can be modified and used to facilitate the FEDORA ingest process. We will be testing it with objects of various kinds. Bob Nahory will test it on digital video. We will also be experimenting with ways to integrate a native XML search engine such as that used in the Cross Repository Search prototype.


It appears that FEDORA might be able to handle hybrid solutions, but a number of issues remain. How should different groups within the library investigating software with possibly overlapping functionality coordinate with each other? What search engines would best meet the agreed goal of unifying searches of existing and new digital repositories, IRIS, and possibly outside vendor databases? An intuitive overlying user interface needs to be designed. The following figure has been transcribed from the diagrams on the white board. Actual images of the white board sketches can be obtained at http://www.scc.rutgers.edu/altek/dawg/

Comments on the above diagram:



Ron Jantz has produced an interim DAWG report available at http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/dig_infrastructure/reports/interim_report/index.shtml. The DAWG-A subcommittee will now be merged with the full DAWG group. Recorders for next meetings: Wenk, Yang.

Ron Jantz will send out email to schedule the next full DAWG meeting.

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