Minutes of June 25, 2003 Meeting

Present: Ronald Jantz (chair), Isaiah Beard, Anne Butman, Tom Frusciano, Judy Gardner, Michael Giarlo, Dave Hoover, Patrick Huey, Linda Langschied, Sam McDonald, Ann Montanaro, Lynn Mullins, Bob Nahory, Jeffery Triggs, Karen Wenk, and Yang Yu (recorder).

1. Current Status of DAWG/NJDH Infrastructure Development

2. Discussion/Review of assignments:

These assignments resulted from the April 29 DAWG meeting. The objective is to have basic capability in all areas by M0 (month zero - November 1, 2003) in preparation for M1 (November, 2003), which is the beginning of the NJDH grant. Grant members begin digitizing in M2 (December, 2003).

3. DAWG/NJDH Infrastructure

Management Team

Development Team

4. Metadata

5. Near term tasks

Throughout our discussion, we identified specific near term tasks that should be undertaken. These tasks are identified below and should be addressed by the lead person or sub-group identified. Progress on these items should be discussed at the next DAWG meeting.

  1. Ingest a complex object into Fedora, e.g. a book with many pages. (Triggs)
  2. Create a Fedora collection object for NJDH and point to the objects in the collection (complex object sub-group).
  3. Modify the Fedora search to find objects in NJDH via the collection object. (Triggs)
  4. Ingest a simple object using MPEG-7 as the metadata schema. (Nahory, Yang)
  5. Do a test to determine the impact on Fedora of using a non-DC metadata scheme. (Giarlo)
  6. Add MPEG-7 to the workflow management system. (Huey)
  7. Decide how (if?) we are to use the METS structure map. (We can represent structure explicitly by how we model an object. A structure map might not be useful and may only create additional metadata.)
  8. Implement full text searching of objects that have text associated with them. (Triggs)
  9. CNRI handles. a) determine when handles should be created, b) how handles should be treated when an object is deleted, c) make sure handle assignment is consistent with the editing process, d) determine if we need a separate handle prefix for NJDH (my opinion - we don't since RUL is the archival agent for NJDH), e) determine handle syntax for NJDH (e.g. 1782.1/njdh.[collection].[subcollection].[name]). (Wenk, Triggs)
  10. Define candidate scenarios for how objects are to be edited. There are several related issues here as follows: a) we currently do not have the capability to directly edit a Fedora object, b) until an object is ingested, editing will occur in the workflow management system. How long will the object persist in the workflow system? c) should we consider deleting the object from workflow after ingest and then developing the capability to edit Fedora objects? (assigned to workflow subgroup).
  11. Create an NJDH subgroup that will focus on defining the metadata schema to be used. (Montanaro, Langschied)

6. Related Items

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