Minutes of August 20, 2003 Meeting

Present: Ann Montanaro, Linda Langschied, Ron Jantz, Anne Butman, Dave Hoover, Patrick Hughey, Isaiah Beard, Nick Gonzaga, Sam McDonald, Rhonda Marker, Jeffrey Triggs, Karen Wenk
Excused: Lynn Mullins, Tom Frusciano, Kaliavani Ananthan, Mike Giarlo, Judy Gardner, Yang Yu


Handout: NJDH Timeline 9/03-10/06


Handout: DAWG Goals


Handout: http://www.loc.gov/standards/mets

After much discussion and looking at various possible scenarios, given the complexity of metadata and it's requirements, it was concluded that individuals will need to meet as groups and work at assessing needs and resolving issues.


PH has been out and will need to review work done in his absence and move on from there. Expectations will be sought at the 8/21 DAG meeting and the work will proceed from there.

Because the discussion on metadata ran as long as it did, 2 hours, it was decided that the meeting should be adjourned and the remaining agenda items will fall to the next meeting, which is scheduled for Wednesday, October 15th from 9:30- 12:00 in the Heyer room at Alexander Library.

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