Minutes of July 21, 2004 Meeting

Present: Kalaivani Anathan, Isaiah Beard, Ruth Bogan, Tom Frusciano, Michael Giarlo, Nick Gonzaga, Ron Jantz (recorder), John Keisers, Sam McDonald, Ann Montanaro (chair), Jeffrey Triggs, Yu Yang, Anne Marie Lyons

Agenda Items and Discussion

1. Project management. Michael Giarlo reviewed all of the targets for release 1.0 of NJDH. This document will summarize the discussion. Please refer to Michael's subsequent email for a detailed list of changes to the project management chart. Target 1, - basic object editing, image pipeline, WMS prototype for simple objects, prototype NJDH - is complete. Target 2 - version 1.0 of metadata with controlled vocabularies - is complete. Much of Target 3 (Systems installation of Fedora) is complete. We still need to import prototype content from the SCC installation and to develop SCC-Systems code base synchronization procedures. Target 4 (MSS installation) is on schedule for a September completion. Target 5 (WMS 1.0) is on schedule for a September completion.

We are targeting (Target 6) a snapshot release (R 0.5) for October, 2004 which would include WMS1.0 (simple objects), basic authentication/authorization, Fedora 1.2 with basic management functions, NJDH public interface prototype, simple object pipelines, and MSS. We expect this release to be of a quality and have sufficient content to be made available to our partners.

These notes won't cover Targets 7-14 except to say that they include increased functionality, production scanning to get substantial content into NJDH, and usability/system testing.

Target 15 (R1.0) is the first release of the complete system which would include updates to the WMS for complex objects, version 2.0 of metadata, and the NJDH website including educator and student portals. The target date is June, 2005

Michael Giarlo will distribute a revised target schedule showing all the detailed changes that were discussed in the meeting.

2. Hardware - Mass Storage System (MSS) Update

Ann Montanaro gave an update of the MSS installation. Basic hardware installation is complete and Dave Hoover is in training. Installation should be complete in September.

3. Demonstration of the Workflow Management System

Yang gave a demonstration of an early version of WMS 1.0, showing screens for inputting both descriptive and administrative metadata. He discussed options for using both long and short forms and how repeated fields are handled. The underlying database definition is complete. WMS 1.0 (simple objects) is scheduled for completion on September 15, 2004.

4. Collection Object Structure.

Ron Jantz reviewed the draft document on collection object structure which included a clarification of the collection types: host, virtual, surrogate, and dynamic. The primary decisions in this discussion included the following: a) a digital object can be an explicit member of only one collection (i.e. the collection designated as "owner"), b) a digital object can be a member of many other collections via an implicit reference through the collection object, c) dynamic collections have advantages since explicit references are not embedded in the object which makes it easy to edit/modify the collection structure. We will need to do some more prototyping to make sure we don't have performance issues when using dynamic collections.

In addition to these decisions, there were several clarifications for how collection metadata is handled including owner, collection ID, organization ID, and identifying the object as a collection object. These details have been covered in the revised document for collection objects which will be distributed shortly.

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