Minutes of September 15, 2004 Meeting

Present: Ron Jantz (chair), Isaiah Beard, Ann Montanaro, Kalaivani Ananthan, Yang Yu, Anne Marie Lyons, Sam McDonald, Jeffery Triggs, Ruth Bogan, Tom Frusciano, Nick Gonzaga, Bob Nahory, John Keisers (recorder) ga, Ron Jantz (recorder), John Keisers, Sam McDonald, Ann Montanaro (chair), Jeffrey Triggs, Yu Yang, Anne Marie Lyons
Excused: Linda Langschied, Michael Giarlo, Judy Gardner

Agenda Items and Discussion

Ron Jantz called the meeting to order at 9:30 a.m.

1. Review of Targets

Targets were updated. Michael will be responsible for making the changes in PHPCollab.

Target A, Release 0.5 - Partners should be able to search/browse and ingest objects. Target date: December 15.

Requirements for public search interface - completed

NJDH web site, version 1, release 0.5 - completed

Usability - becomes 'NJDH Usability Testing', a separate target section.

Michael will assemble requirements and deliverables for Solaris installation. Fedora and management functions will be frozen for version 0.5. John's Authorization and Authentication mechanism will be integrated in the search interface and in the management interface.

WMS 1.0 - Pipeline works. Integration is nearly done. Demo will be on October 1.

2. Naming Conventions

Ron explained and clarified the text of his Naming Conventions Document (files, persistent Ids, etc.).

Points of discussion: What do we mean by format? How do we use formats in the architecture? How will format be used in the technical metadata?

3. Comments on the Final Report of the Search Interface Subcommittee

This agenda item was postponed until the next meeting.

4. Other Business

Next Recorder: Lyons, Montanaro, Mullins, Nahory

Ron Jantz adjourned the meeting at 12:20 p.m.

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