Minutes of October 20, 2004 Meeting

Present: Kalaivani Ananthan, Isaiah Beard, Ruth Bogan, Anne Butman, Tom Frusciano, Judy Gardner, Michael Giarlo, Nick Gonzaga, Dave Hoover, Ron Jantz, John Keisers, Anne Marie Lyons, Sam McDonald, Ann Montanaro, Jeffrey Triggs, Yang Yu


Introduction - Ron Jantz

Ron Jantz opened the meeting by reviewing the recent Cabinet meeting, and proposing a future Fedora conference.

At the Cabinet meeting, Ron and Kalaivani Ananthan's demonstration of the WMS and the DLR was successful. Ron also stressed the importance of meeting the December 15, 2004, target date for WMS 0.5 and its release to corporate partners to avoid potential delays during the holidays.

Ron also spoke about a possible future Fedora conference to be hosted in the SCC. The purpose of the conference would be for other Fedora users to share information with each other. To keep expenses low, the conference will take place on one day in the spring of 2005. Attendance will be limited to a certain number of Fedora users, and vendors will not be invited. Ron called for volunteers to form a conference-planning committee.

NJDH Target Updates and Issues - Michael Giarlo

Mike reviewed Dave Hoover's document of procedures for keeping software in the SCC and in the TSB in sync; dates for the release of WMS 0.5; and updates and issues of specific targets from the NJDH Project Management system.

Mike will be incorporating Dave's document, as well as other documentation on software specs, to create methodologies for keeping all software and functionality in sync. He will then send the document to the DAWG listserv.

Mike then reviewed the target dates from his Oct. 18th email "Status update - Release 0.5." By Nov. 15th, the 0.5 Release should: be functional; include 50-100 objects; and be installed at TSB. Between Nov. 15th and Dec. 15th, Dave will test and fix any problems in the Release. On Dec. 15th, the Release will be demonstrated and distributed to some collection partners.

There were some concerns about the Dec. 15th date. Dave asked if a month would be enough time to fix bugs and errors. He also questioned how prudent it was to release the version to collection partners right before the holidays. Anne Montanaro wanted to know when partners would be trained on scanning and WMS procedures. Dave then asked about the test objects that would be ingested during training sessions. Ron replied that the Dec. 15th date should be pushed for, or the release could be delayed late into January. Ron also called for the establishment of a reporting system to track bugs and errors. He stressed the importance of everyone participating in the testing processes between Nov. 15th and Oct. 15th. Dave replied that he wanted to be able to maintain two concurrent systems while testing.

Mike then discussed potential problems that could delay the 0.5 Release, and other NJDH Targets. There is an open issue about how many servers will process handle creations. The public interface also needs much work, so for now, the old one will be used with 0.5. Furthermore, there is no identified schedule for usability testing for the public interface. Ron said that the 0.5 public interface should have searching and browsing functionalities, as well as the ability to interface with Fedora. Ruth Bogan and Anne replied that the public interface is more involved and has unresolved issues with metadata and terms in pull-down menus. It was decided that the target dates for usability testing and public interface completion (Target #7.3) should be moved to a later date to sync with Version 1.0

Another delay is the authentication and authorization module. Kalaivani said that more testing needs to be done, including correlating permissions and authorizations. The module (Target #5.7) will not be ready for 0.5, and should be moved to a later date.

Some other potential delays could be caused by content. Ron mentioned that content for the teaching and education content committee is a high priority. Anne reminded the group that there is a need for training and content schedules. Isaiah reported that students were currently be trained on scanning procedures. Anne was concerned about which scanner was being used, and how it would apply to collection partners. Ruth talked about metadata, and how she wanted metadata tasks distributed to a range of librarians.

Digital Architecture for Digital Objects - Ron Jantz

Ron discussed outstanding issues from his Digital Object Summary. There is still open debate about format, and type, and their relationships to genre. Other issues include collection objects flexibility and tar file problems.

Ron explained generic structure maps and dynamic structure maps, which include disseminators. He also demonstrated how dynamic structure maps for collection objects work, including storing search results for users. Kalaivani asked how collection objects are updated when new individual objects are ingested. Ron replied that the collection manager at collection partners will need to update the object manually.

Ron asked for a group to form so that structure maps and functionality can be improved. Ruth, Kalaivani, Jeffrey Triggs, and Dave volunteered.

The next DAWG meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, November 10, at 9:30 AM in the Heyer Room.

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