Minutes of October 20, 2004 Meeting

Present: Kalaivani Ananthan, Isaiah Beard, Ruth Bogan, Tom Frusciano, Michael Giarlo, Nick Gonzaga, Dave Hoover, Ron Jantz, John Keisers, Anne Marie Lyons, Sam McDonald, Ann Montanaro, Bob Nahory, Jeffrey Triggs, Yang Yu
Absent: Anne Butman, Judy Gardner, Dave Hoover

Fedora Conference - Ron Jantz

New Jersey Fedora Conference

Release Structure - Ron Jantz

R 0.5

R 0.6

R 0.7

R 0.8

Review of Targets - Mike Giarlo

(refer to November 8 Project Chart)

Target 1a   Done
Target 2   Done
Targets 3-6   Done
Targets 7-10   Essential for Release 1.0
Target 8   New task added: testing (due Dec. 8)
Target 8, #8   Removed
Target 8, #9   Removed
Target 9a   To be handled by sub-committee
Target 10   No change
Target 11   Related to release 0.7
Target 12   New tasks: 0, 5a, 5b, 5c
Target 13   New tasks: 5a, 5b, 5c
Target 14   No change
Target 15   Due date changed to June 1

A/V Digitization Procedures and Standards - Isaiah Beard

New and Pending Projects for the Digital Library Repository - Ron Jantz

(refer to handout with project listings)

Digital Object Architecture - Ron Jantz

Future Meetings

The next DAWG meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, December 13, at 9:30 AM in the Heyer Room.

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