Minutes of March 23, 2005 Meeting

Present: Kalaivani Ananthan; Isaiah Beard; Ruth Bogan; Tom Frusciano; Mike Giarlo; Nick Gonzaga; Dave Hoover; Ron Jantz, chair; Sam McDonald; Ann Montanaro, recorder; Lynn Mullins; Bob Nahory; Bob Sewell; Jeffery Triggs; Yang Yu
Excused: John Keisers

1. DAWG is scheduled to meet at 9:30 on the third Wednesday of each month.

2. The committee reviewed the "Digital Repository Development" strategy prepared by Grace Agnew for the Strategic Planning Committee. A discussion ensued regarding the storage of digital objects and metadata in the repository, Luna, IRIS, etc., factors to be used to determine location, interfaces and portals needed, and the development of a business plan. It was a discussion only and no decisions were made.

3. Digital projects were reviewed. Bob Sewell reported that Rhonda Marker's proposal to digitize motion picture catalogs was the only project the Digital Repository Review Committee (DRRC) had reviewed and approved. A proposal for IJS photos is being prepared. Both NJDH and the IJS oral history project were in development before DRRC was established. Proposals are welcome and, if approved, commitment and funding opportunities may be identified. The form to be used for proposing projects is available online at: Staff Resources/Collection Development/Other forms/ Digital Collection Project Proposal Application for the Rutgers University Repository.

There are currently several categories of digital projects: major, supported, grandfathered projects already requiring support (NJDH, Luna, etc.), approved projects (motion picture catalogs), projects in the queue, and projects being developed. The ability to take on new projects depends on the funding and support available.

4. The committee set priorities for dealing with outstanding architectural issues. The highest priority will be given to: user interfaces/portals, authentication/authorization, services of architecture ( collection services, management services, preservation services, etc.), and new objects/structure review. Also of important but given lower priority are: interfaces to the repository (harvesting, SCORM, Luna, IRIS, etc.), federated searching, levels of preservation, virtual repositories, and new releases of Fedora.

5. Two subcommittees were organized to review user interfaces and software architecture. The members of the user interface committee are: Bogan, Hoover, Keisers, McDonald, Montanaro (convener), and Triggs. The software architecture members are: Ananthan, Hoover, Giarlo, Jantz (convener), Keisers, Triggs, and Yu. The subcommittees will issue minutes of their meetings to DAWG.

6. The next meeting is scheduled for April 20.

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