Digital Architecture and Infrastructure Working Group: Reports

Rutgers University Digital Repository Operating Assumptions

  1. The Rutgers Digital Repository December, 2003
  2. Content and use of the mass storage system January, 2004
  3. Fedora ingestion December, 2003
  4. Submission of files for the repository December, 2003
  5. Web presence of materials in the repository January, 2004
  6. Use of MODS as the base metadata standard January, 2004
  7. CNRI Handles as persistent identifiers January, 2004
  8. Fedora Web-based Management Functions for the Rutgers Digital Library Repository August, 2004
  9. Imaging standards April, 2004
  10. Legacy collections (in progress)
  11. Scan Management (in progress)
  12. Changed and Edited repository objects (in progress)
  13. Glossary of Terms (in progress)

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