Rutgers University Digital Repository
Operating Assumption #1 - Description of the Digital Repository
December 22, 2003
  1. The Rutgers Digital Repository is the storehouse of digital content created at Rutgers University.
  1. The Digital Repository will serve as the Rutgers University Digital Repository.
  1. All RUL digital content proposed for the Repository is reviewed and approved by the CDC Collection Project Proposal Committee [proposed name change: Digital Repository Project Review Committee] or other reviewing committee as appropriate.
  1. In order to ensure permanence of digital objects, all RUL objects that are a part of the Repository will be stored on the mass storage system and digitally preserved according to RUL policies.
  1. The Repository may include metadata for permanent digital objects created at Rutgers University that are not stored on the mass storage system.
  1. Fedora software is the foundation of the Repository ingest, archival, and presentation capabilities and is being used to create and manage the Repository content.

    [Note: Even though the word Fedora is an acronym of Flexible Extensible Digital Object and Repository Architecture, it has been trademarked as Fedora© not FEDORA.]

  1. The New Jersey Digital Highway (NJDH) and the Rutgers Digital Repository are being developed simultaneously and technical requirements and procedures are the same for both projects.

Reviewed by DAWG January 21, 2004
Revised March 3, 2004

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Posted April 23, 2004
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