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Operating Assumption #3 - Fedora Ingestion
December 22, 2003

There are two ways to ingest digital objects into Fedora: the command line "fedora-ingest" utility, and the interactive "fedora-admin" GUI.

Using fedora-ingest with release 1.2 it is not possible to ingest datastreams which are referenced as local files. In order for a digital object to be ingested fully, with all of the datastreams intact, they must be referenced as URLs and must be accessible via the web.

Using the fedora-admin tool, digital objects can be built and ingested with local, off-web datastreams. However, the current development at Rutgers is geared towards automated methods of ingestion into Fedora, e.g. by web-based forms and applications. Fedora-admin only runs on the local server console and SSH connections to the Fedora server.

Reviewed by DAWG January 21, 2004

Posted April 23, 2004
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