Digital Preservation Team: Charge

The RUL Digital Preservation Team for published materials is responsible for identifying materials in the Libraries collections that can be preserved digitally with access provided to users of the collections via RUCore and the Catalog. The Team will develop policies and plans to select and digitize materials, map MARC records into RUCore, and manage projects. The team will develop annual objectives and deliverables and report to relevant groups, such as Cabinet, Councils and committees, as needed, to receive feedback and guidance as needed. Significant guidelines this group will address include whether a resource is a candidate for digital preservation and when a physical copy of a resource should be retained and preserved. The DPT will initially focus on books in the public domain but may broaden their activities to other published materials in the libraries' general collection and to published materials in library special collections. Their work is complementary and should inform, and be informed by, digital preservation activities for faculty and university scholarship, research and special collections/archives.

In order to coordinate these types of projects, which will affect multiple Rutgers libraries, the Team includes representative of Preservation, Distributed Technical Services, Integrated Information Systems, and Access Services. The Team will consult with and coordinate their work with staff from library campuses, Central Technical Services, Integrated Information Systems, the Scholarly Communications Center, and subject librarians as needed.

Last updated: March 5, 2012
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