Advisory Committee on Library Services for Persons with Disabilities: Members

The RUL Committee on Library services for Persons with Disabilities consists of campus representatives, Systems Department representative, and the Webmaster.

Name Location Role
Joseph Abraham Alexander Coordinator; Chair
Joseph Asaro Kilmer Coordinator
Roberta Bronson Fitzpatrick Smith Coordinator
Leslin Charles Kilmer Libraries Faculty
Matt Jensen ODS At large
Melissa Just Alexander Public Services AUL
Jason Khurdan ODS Administrator
Samuel McDonald TSB Webmaster
Eugene McElroy SMLR Contact
Chiaki Mills Douglass Coordinator
Holly Muller LSM Coordinator
Ketty Ombadykow ODS AFT Coordinator
Mark Papianni Dana Coordinator
Kati Ritter TSB At large
Edward Smith TSB Computing Manager
Ann Watkins Dana At large
Monique Whittle Robeson Coordinator

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