Minutes of November 6, 2003 meeting

Draft Minutes

Tate called the meeting to order, requested additions/approval of the Agenda.

The membership list was reviewed with a note to identify the new representative from the Newark Campus.


The brochure on Services for Persons with Disabilities was discussed and revised. Tate will check with Jeanne Boyle regarding preparation and publication of the revised document.


Stec gave update on the impact of renovation on user access, and the need to develop better signage for the Douglass Library. This will be discussed with Puniello and offered as an added planning agenda item for the D-21 project.

Telephone Access

The number of TTY/TTD phone lines in the libraries and whether others lines were needed were discussed. Butman will look into this matter.

University Coordinators Meeting Report

Tate reported on the September meeting with the university wide Coordinators that was chaired by the new director, Diana Darris. Copies of the mission and strategic plan for this group was distributed. She noted that Darris has visited the Alexander Library for a preliminary review, and that she was impressed to know that the libraries had a website, brochure, and facilities to support access by persons with disabilities. Darris noted that she would like to work with the libraries in developing plans and proposals for future development of services university-wide. It was decided that Darris will be invited to visit the sites in January and to evaluate the services offered through the libraries.

In conjunction with this, a "wish list" should be developed in association with input from the community. Such a list would be instrumental in drafting proposals to improving our services. It was agreed that librarians participating in the ALA Midwinter Conference in San Diego should plan and pick up appropriate materials that support this initiative.

JAWS & Kurzweil & WindowEyes

Butman responded to the agenda item regarding the version of JAWS and Kurzweil that we are currently running on our computers. 4.02 is currently running and 5.0 is available. She will check with RUCS to consider updating concurrent updates. (See Butman's report via email. A copy of JAWS has been made available to McDonald for use in testing the product.

In discussing whether we will maintain access to both JAWS and WindowEyes, it was decided that we will support only JAWS. Important factors considered included cost, training, standardization, and user preferences.

Head Phones and Instruction materials for JAWS and Kurzweil

Headphones for this equipment should be kept at the various Reference Desks for easy access by the students. Instruction information and practical sheets need to be beside each machine for ease of use.

DeJvu, OCR and conversion of Reserve materials for access

Tate mentioned the problem of access of RESERVE materials in pdf format that might be solved through the use of an update, or through the use of DeJvu and OCR. Because some of the software on some students' machines, pdf files are read as a picture rather that an document with many lines to be read verbally. She explained how the problem is being solved via scanning, loading into OCR and converting to a word document. Triggs enhanced to process and speed with which this could be done with the aid of DeJvu. Tate will check with Gardner to determine whether dejvu might be used in addition to pdf to facilitate this access on a broad scale for all library users.

Refresher training course for all: coordinators, faculty, staff, students

Training courses are needed to update information and skills of all members of the libraries who work with public services. Murtha mention handouts and a video that could be used in the training. We will contact TEC and Marilyn Wilt about possibilities of working with us to plan such training. We also need to develop a list of resources for training outside the university.

Website for Persons with Disabilities

There was general agreement that information about services offered to persons with disabilities should be improved. Presently, the charge, membership, reports, etc. are listed under Staff resources administration. One suggestion was to provide a separate site line on the main page. To further explore this possibility, information about the audience and contents, etc. needs to be drafted and presented for consideration by WAC, etc.

The next meeting will be held on Thursday, December 18, 2003 in the Hughes Room of the Alexander Library.

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