Minutes of January 19, 2006 meeting

Anne Butman, Sam McDonald (Acting Chair), Kevin McGuire (Recorder), Patricia Piermatti, Penny Weniger (for Access Services)

Minutes: The minutes of the meeting of October 27, 2005 were approved.

Reports from the Chair and Coordinators:

1) Though P. Libutti was absent, she let the group know via email, that as Chair of the RUL Disabilities Committee she will attend the Transition Conference on April 28, that will focus on disability services at Rutgers University.

2) K. McGuire reported that he had met with the Livingston College Coordinator for Disability Support Services, Dean Paul Herman, to introduce himself, and facilitate further cooperation. Business cards noting the contact information for Kilmer Library's Disabilities Coordinator were given to the Dean, so he could pass them on to any students that he may refer to the library for special assistance. P. Piermatti said she will be contacting the several college coordinators on Busch Campus.

Old Business:

1) S. McDonald reiterated P. Libutti's reminder that coordinators complete their local inventories of all assistive technology, including model number and year of manufacture, and forward them to Tricia as soon as possible, and definitely no later than February 3rd.

2) P. Piermatti reported that Kurzweil no longer makes the machines, but now offers a software product in its stead. The product description was forwarded to S. McDonald, eventually for review by all. A. Butman confirmed that the Kurzweil software and scanners should be able to be installed on the new JAWS computers in the libraries.

3) The color of the RUL brochure "Library Services for Persons with Disabilities" has been changed to an easier-to-read yellow background as per the committee's request.

4) The demonstration of the Sakai site, where background materials for the committee's use are being stored, was postponed until P. Libutti returns.

New Business:

1.) S. McDonald walked the committee through its Action Plan on a task-by-task basis, covering the general areas of Training, Communications, Infrastructure Maintenance, Administration, and Functional Improvement. Special attention was paid to timing, and who would be responsible. (Updated Action Plan to be distributed shortly.)

Some highlights of this discussion included the need to make sure the committee provided updated information to Marilyn Wilt in time for the New Employee orientations she conducts at the beginning of each academic year. And individual coordinators should conduct a semi-annual review of local library staff, to ascertain what training may need to be done; as well as do a routine test of equipment. It was agreed that for JAWS training it would be best to call in the company representative, and have the sessions run through Marilyn Wilt's program. Also agreed was the importance of not having JAWS PC passwords printed in any literature given to patrons. The committee also will look into placing RUL's disabilities brochure in the computing labs. And, primarily with a view to recommending new equipment purchases, the "First Meeting" of the committee will take place each July.

2) It was agreed that it would be beneficial to have a permanent representative from the Access Services Department on the committee, perhaps preferably a person affiliated with that department's functional group dealing with Facilities issues. P. Weniger will talk to Roger Smith and Judy Gardner about this possibility.

3) A. Butman reminded everyone of the very helpful sensitivity training workshops, designed to help library personnel assist patrons with disabilities. M. Wilt will be asked about reintroducing this workshop. The committee also thought it a good idea to invite a representative of the university-wide Disability Support Services office to speak to the group on an annual basis.

4) All agreed it would be helpful if Tricia talked to Francoise to clarify to what degree, if any, the committee should be responsible for the physical condition of the libraries, for example their bathrooms and access points, as opposed to services per se. The language of the committee's mission statement indicates that we are not responsible for the physical plant of the libraries.

5) There was some difficulty with teleconferencing to Camden. It was thought that it was the obligation of the host site, in this case TSB, to call the satellite sites, but a technical glitch appeared, where the host site was asked for a "multi-port" [?] number. Hopefully this problem will be fixed by the next meeting.

Next Meeting: Friday, February 24, 2006, 2:00-4:30 p.m., TSB Conference Room.

Submitted By: Kevin McGuire (Recorder)

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