Minutes of February 24, 2005 meeting

Anne Butman, Patricia Libutti (Chair), Sam McDonald (recorder), Kevin McGuire, Patricia Piermatti.
Jazmine Faherty (for Access Services, formerly Penny Weniger)

1. Minutes approved with small amendments to dates.

2. Reports

Anne Buttman
No report (No equipment).

Jazmine Faherty
Brought up the topics of:
- Binders available by equipment for all access services staff.
- Training offered again for access services staff.

Discussion of binders, keys, passwords and training access services (who change locations often) was discussed.

Pat Piermatti
- LSM has a lockbox that contains the passwords (on 3x5 cards) for various workstations.
- Written instructions prepared (in a binder).
- Headphones are at the reserve desk (because that is the desk that is open the latest).
- Pam and Michelle are coordination
- The Kurzweil machine was observed being used (so we know it works).

Kevin McGuire
- the 1st floor bathroom (unisex) will be made compliant.

Sam McDonald
No report (No equipment).

Patricia Libutti
- Asked Judy Gardner that an access services representative be permanently assigned to be a member of the Advisory Committee on Library Services for Persons with Disabilities committee .
- Requested that members submit missing information for equipment inventory.
- Announced that there may be a possible tour/walk-through/event of libraries with diversity committee.

3. Action Plan

4. Old Business

A. Equipment

4b. Materials for new employee orientation.

We decided that the brochure was not suitable for the employee orientation. A 1 page MSWord document addressing how to deal with situations and hot contact committee members/local equipment experts, would be more useful.

5. New Business

Materials for Transitions confernce.

Respectfully submitted
S. McDonald

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