Minutes of October 12, 2010 meeting

Chiaki Mills, Kevin McGuire, Holly Muller, Eileen Stec (facilitator and recorder.)

Old Business

Joe Abraham reported previously the public PC's were reimaged this Fall with an "accessibility" folder containing links to the Microsoft accessibility tools.


The 2010-11 revised "Services to Persons with Disabilities" pamphlet has been approved for printing and is currently on it's way to the printers for a run of 500 copies. We should have and distribute the pamphlets soon.

Mary Fetzer will review our request to upgrade the five disability PC's we maintain from version 5 to 11. These include Alexander, Kilmer, LSM, Douglass and Dana libraries. Robeson's machine is maintained and upgraded by their campus OIT. The price quote was forwarded to Mary F.'s office today.

The annual training program the committee plans will involve services animals, specifically the Rutgers Seeing Eye Puppy Club and training dogs for the blind. The New Brunswick Office of Disability Services has agreed to co-sponsor the event. The committee would like to schedule the event on a Wednesday in November at 3:00PM to allow the greatest number of RUL faculty and staff to attend. Tentatively the event will take place in the Mabel Smith Douglass room of the Douglass Library; Eileen, Chiaki and Holly are coordinating availabilities for the Puppy club, the library and the Office of Disability Services.

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