Minutes of August 12, 2008 Meeting

Triveni Kuchi (Chair ), Vibiana Bowman (teleconference from Camden), Caroline Caviness, Lila Fredenburg, Hala Issa, Soo Jung Lee, Rebecca Martinez, Wen-Hua Ren, Sandra Troy, Connie Wu, Paul Young, Marilyn Wilt (guest).

Meeting began at 1:00 pm in the Pane Room at Alexander Library.

After introductions and welcome, Chair explained that the committee membership was determined by departmental and campus representation. She asked members to forward expressions of interest in membership to her.

Committee reviewed annual goals of strategic plan which pertain to activities of Diversity Committee:

    Create a multicultural resources website to support the informational needs of the libraries' diverse workforce.
  1. Create a language and cultural diversity database based on libraries' faculty and staff language and other skills and interests.
  2. Continue to work with the Multicultural Lexicon group to build a language basket with language/phrases that recognizes and portrays RUL's environment of inclusiveness and equity, especially for RUL faculty and staff use in the creation of policy or other types of documents.
  3. Continue to work with the RUL World Languages Task Force (USC) to create welcome pages for the RUL Website in different languages.

In addition to the four goals currently in progress, the committee agreed that an additional goal for 2008-2009 would be to collaborate with Marilyn Wilt to work on the New Employee Orientation program that is currently in planning.

Next steps to complete goals for diversity webpage, language basket, welcome pages, skills databases and diversity language basket were discussed.

The multicultural resources website team (Triveni, Vibiana, Wen) have started work on getting together categories and resources for the website. Preliminarily, Triveni researched diversity websites of other peer institutions. She shared a first draft of broad categories to be included on this website. The group agreed that information on the RUL/SCILS Diversity Residency program should be on the website along with a link to the University's web page. Triveni has set up a website resources team folder on the committee's Sakai site for members to access documents that are under preparation.

Committee discussed the Language and skills database at some length and generally decided to limit public access to identities of library faculty and staff members. A database with logins for library faculty and staff was suggested as the best possibility. Webmaster will be contacted about technical infrastructure availability and potential of the RUL website to handle such a database.

The committee agreed that the Multicultural Lexicon working group's basket of diversity friendly language discussion would be forwarded to Sandy Troy and Lila for inclusion in recruitment materials. Another folder on the committee's Sakai site will provide access to the discussion documents.

The work of the world languages task force headed by Ryan Womack is progressing. Phase I of the project is ready to be linked on the RUL Website. Several members on the diversity committee are involved in this project both as team members and for language translations. Hala Issa has translated the Libraries' welcome page into Arabic, Connie, Li, Mei Ling & Tao have translated the Chinese (traditional & mandarin) versions, and translations in other languages continue to be developed. It was suggested that many of these resources could be added or linked to the International Students Guide as well.

The Committee discussed the possibility of co-sponsoring events although it was agreed that this could not include financial sponsorship. Members of this committee are involved in many diversity activities or events even if the committee as a whole may not be co-sponsoring the event. Experiences from such participation should be shared on regular basis. Committee members agreed to contribute and participate in the exhibit on Childhood poetry by Michael Joseph. The committee felt that it was important to co-sponsor some of the exhibits, such as an upcoming watercolors exhibit at Dana Library. The suggestion of co-sponsoring the open house of the East Asian Library was greeted with enthusiasm.

Lila brought the Committee up to date on diversity education events held last year as well as plans for this year.

Marilyn Wilt discussed events surrounding Banned Books Week and reported on the progress of the Staff Orientation program working group. All agreed that a welcome from the Diversity Advisory Committee should be contained in the materials distributed to new staff members.

The meeting adjourned at 3:00 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Lila Fredenburg

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