Minutes of August 19, 2009 Meeting

Lila Fredenburg, Triveni Kuchi (Chair), Hala Issa, Soo Jung Lee, Chiaki Mills, Sandra Troy, Marilyn Wilt, Wen-Hua Ren, Connie Wu.

Meeting began at 10:05 a.m. in the LSM Special Collections room. T. Kuchi opened the discussion for draft Diversity plan for 2009-2010.

1. Draft Diversity Plan:

The committee reviewed the Diversity Plan. L. Fredenburg presented the plan. Fredenburg gave some background information on how the diversity plan was drawn up. The draft was formalized after reviewing and comparing other academic plans. Fredenburg worked with Mark Winston to draft the document with its broad goals.

2. Review of Goals for 2009-2010 in the light of the diversity plan:

T. Kuchi noted the group can build the annual report around the plan.

Recruitment goal: The mentoring group came up with ideas and some of the content for the RUL/SCI internship brochure and Website material. Fredenburg is working with Harry to develop the Webpage.

Several diversity activities could be planned within the broad goals. A list of activities and one or two programs could be added to this year's plan.

C. Wu suggested holding 2 or 3 programs during spring and fall semester, and to concentrate on the ALA conference in the summer. Fredenburg suggested having 2 - 4 programs/events. Given that RUL has many diversity related programs and lectures, it was decided that 2 programs each year might be doable.

T. Kuchi suggested having a multicultural resources working group and will contact librarians to expand its work outside the group. One of the goals in the plan to create a multicultural resources webpage and setting up a working group might help in achieving the goal. It was suggested to have four or five people to serve in the group.

W. Ren noted position for target opportunities comes under recruitment.

It was mentioned that volunteers' work should be rewarded with certificates or such to acknowledge the effort that goes into diversity work.

It was noted that there is a possibility of having visiting librarians from UK visitors early September: The diversity committee could co-sponsor such an event.

Review of Diversity Committee membership:

T. Kuchi noted there are 13 members in the committee at the present time. Anyone who is interested to join should contact her. It was suggested that membership on a term of 2 years would be suitable for the kind of work involved. Marianne will be contacted by T. Kuchi to address this issue and also appoint members as needed. Every library department and campus must be represented in the committee. T. Kuchi suggests reviewing the committee's membership to include new active members.

Review & Updates - Diversity Web pages:

T. Kuchi suggested our groups should set up a working group to update diversity and Multicultural Resources WebPages. W. Ren suggested having a group leader who will divide the work among group member. The group should serve for one-year term. The working group at the present time is, T. Kuchi, L. Fredenburg, and M. Wilt. Fredenburg noted the WebPages are maintained regularly. Minimum maintenance is required for the web pages since present group members update them regularly. The issue of how to add articles and how to link them to website was discussed

3. Review of Diversity Events:

The potato event: Booklet of recipes for the potato event is in progress. The booklet will be available online only. W. Ren suggested having a poster session for the potato event at next ALA conference. T. Kuchi proposed presenting the potato event at the ALA Diversity fair. M. Wilt proposed to collect the recipes and prepare a recipe book that includes a story behind each recipe would make the recipe book very special. W. Ren noted the small group of Dana chefs told their stories behind their recipes at the Dana potato event. The stories gave the Dana book a special touch. The participants enjoyed the event, which encourage them to be willing to participate in future events. M. Wilt noted some participates were asking what will be the main focus of next year's event, vegetable, fruit, or maybe tomato, such as the Rutgers Agriculture Department tomato. M. Wilt needs a volunteer to help her with the potato booklet. Triveni volunteered for that task. There was a suggestion to have a picture of each chef next to his or her recipe, if it is fine with the chef/s. The booklet will be online only and may be a pdf format. There was a suggestion to ask the Communications Professor if she wants to connect the potato event/ booklet to her website.

M. Wilt noted the group of participants in the July Diversity Education Initiative screenings of the three-part series, Race: the power of illusion were a mixed group of students, faculty and people from the community. [The group numbered 15-20 participants.] Professor Edward Ramsamy of the Department of Africana Studies was the discussion facilitator for the three screenings.

Planning for '09-'10 Diversity Events, participation in 2010 Diversity conference, ALA Diversity Fair:

Plans for Diversity Education Initiative:

One of the diversity programs suggested by C. Wu was to have a panel discussion event with the cultural groups and student organizations at Rutgers. There is about 600 students' groups at Rutgers. The three diversity related culture centers could give us a briefing about their activities. Light lunch might attract participants. T. Kuchi supported the idea and suggested that C. Wu along with other volunteers could help organize such an event for Spring 09. More details need to be discussed.

Soo Lee announced that she was leaving Rutgers libraries at the end of summer. The committee thanked her for her contributions to diversity work at the libraries.

Respectfully submitted by
Hala Issa

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