Minutes of the November 8, 2004 Meeting

C.Sterback, J.Reinhart, R.Smith, K.Anderson, D.Goldberg, J.Gardner, S.Rogers, D.Voorhees

1) Ereserves tutorial developed at Robeson.

Suggested one content change- to clarify selecting from lists of instructors, courses, and items.

Technical concerns and questions:

Agreed with recommendations from Vib for placing links to the tutorial on RUL website from the home page when you hover over "Find Reserves," from the page that loads when you click on "Find Reserves," on the "Reserve Desk" page in IRIS, on the "Electronic Reserves Users Guide," and in the IRIS Help Guide under "Electronic Reserves." An icon with "click here for a Flash E-reserves tutorial" wording will be recommended.

The working group enthusiastically endorsed the tutorial. Judy will inform public services council and send a formal recommendation to WAC.

2) Permission letter.

We agreed to update the sample permission letter for faculty on the Web with the draft letter distributed earlier, and which is based on a Copyright Management Center letter.

3) Acrobat 6.0

Darryl is working with 6.0 in Imaging Services. It is working well with the scanner equipment. He will continue to test compatibility and other issues. Reader 6 is free for downloading, it is installed on the library public access workstations, and users working at home may need to be encouraged to install the latest release. If we start producing files on 6, we will set backward compatible with versions 4 and 5 of the reader.

NOTE: Imaging Services has been given the OK to order Acrobat 6.0 for all staff workstations, and will handle installation and staff training.

4) List formats, in lieu of brief records.

We examined examples of brief records of PDF syllabi on reserve with links, and a sample generic html template. After discussing pros and cons of each approach, the group decided to plan for introducing PDF syllabi with links as a new option for faculty using RUL ereserves. Roger volunteered the NBL functional group to begin drafting staff procedures and user announcements and instructions for this working group to review.

Use of PDF syllabi with links is possible because we are no longer providing paper copies. It will be dependent on faculty submitting a copy of their syllabi, it will eliminate time- consuming brief record creation for staff, it will present readings in a logical order to students, syllabi brief records can be combined with monograph reserve brief records within the same course list.

5) Dealing with efiles (formats) workshop.

6) External links.

The working group thought a workshop for all reserve staff on these issues would be useful, including conversion of word processing formats, general PDF management, Acrobat 6.0 if ready, PDF syllabi if ready, and linking to external sites. Projected for before February.

Clarification of linking to ejournals is needed. Our policy states we will provide the same link that is provided in IRIS, and not make or accept photocopies of electronic materials available through IRIS. Some libraries may be making copies of e-journals articles that are not session specific. In additional, an external link disclaimer stamp/statement is needed.

7) Paperless reserves. Review of paper only policy and how it's working.

This has been very well accepted by faculty and students, virtually no complaints. Arrangements have been made for special formats (scores) and one or two professors who are specifically requested paper. Staff have realized processing time savings without having to produce labels and folders for paper copies.

8) Saving files, Spr to Fall.

We will maintain our current schedule and not pursue keeping files over the summer.

9) Statistics to evaluate the impact of PR post-its.

We like the Ereserve post-its but cannot envision how statistics could isolate their impact on use of ereserves. Judy will send a supply to Robeson.

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