Minutes of December 10, 2009 Meeting

Françoise Puniello (Chair), Myoung Wilson, Kayo Denda, Anne Butman, Mei Ling Lo and Bill Puglisi (recorded minutes). Guest speaker: Paul Hammond - English dept.


Paul Hammond (English Dept.) informed the group of the systems in use at the Writers House - Murray Hall. He informed the group that his research is several years old and that there are probably newer, improved systems available. He gave details of the multiple-screen display used in the Writers House. It utilizes four screens, one being a touch-sensitive screen. While these touch-sensitive screens may require more maintenance & repairs, most users expect them. They were purchased from an Israeli company "Sheletron Ltd." (http://www.sheletron.com/about.htm) for a start-up cost of approx. $5,000. Paul stated that the computer that drives the system is on-line and multiple licenses can be purchased for employees to input data. The system can handle office technology (Word, PowerPoint etc.) as well as videos.

A separate system is in use in another part of Murray Hall purchased from Wilray Audio Visual. This system is comprised of 4 flat screen LCD televisions with each monitor having a protective screen. An Apple Mac-mini computer with one computer driving each screen drives it. Paul explained that these systems are now user-friendly and it's not necessary to have an "IT" person uploading the data.

The main concerns will be location, content and upkeep. Another consideration is whether sound is desirable. Paul advised the committee to be certain of our needs and not to let any vendor force their interpretation of our needs upon us.

The meeting adjourned at 11:15 AM

Next meeting

TBD - some time in early 2010

* After a conversation with Courtney McAnuff (VP Enrollment Management) Françoise may arrange a visit to the new Visitor's Center to look at their interactive displays.

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