Minutes of January 11, 2006 Meeting

K. Denda, M. Kesselman(absent), A. Montanaro, L. Mullen, J. Nettleman, C. Pecoraro (recorder), G. Smulewitz, C. Sterback


  1. Review minutes of last meeting
  2. Discuss chart
  3. Outline process for ejournals
  4. ALA

1. Review of minutes:

[When the website is active, minutes will be posted (AM)]
Minutes were approved.

Jim sent the team a relevant article-
Title:Electronic Resources and Web Sites: Replacing a Back-end Database with Innovative's Electronic Resource Management.Source:Information Technology & Libraries; Dec2005, Vol. 24 Issue 4, p163-169

It was noted that the conclusion in this article summed up the issues we have encountered and was a good overview of what we have been discussing.

2. Discuss chart

(if you look at the chart while reading these notes, it makes more sense)

[The chart was based on a template from T.Jewell presentation (viewed during last meeting), revised by AM, GS, CP, CS with RU specific procedures and to outline what RU currently does for processing databases]

-Objective: review chart. Do we agree with the process? Outline the major steps; indicate where we think an ERM would help.


Provide Access:

Re: Web pages- MIT populates AtoZ list, research guides, etc with information from their ERM which supposedly places the resource in appropriate categories.

** QUESTION: How does an ERM handle resource? Does it recognize where a resource would live? This is an important question for us to consider and investigate.


Provide Support


-What about the print component for ordering e-resources? It was added to the Chart under 'Provide Access'

-KD: we need to look at people who will be used to implement this resource; AM: technical systems analyst/coordinator who would work with: openurl resolver, ERM, federated search tool, Repository.
-Roles will change; depends on 3rd Party provider versus ILS provided resource

We decided to skip #3 (Outline process for ejournals and ebooks- but cp will review the procedures)


-AM will contact Lesley Brown in Purchasing to find out if an RFI is needed.

-RFI- Request for Information: fact gathering by this group & invited guests, then submit RFP.
-Laura received an invitation to Endeavor's Meridian product at ALA; she also received information about ExLibris's Verde product

5. ALA

Who's going to ALA mid-winter from the group to gather info? -KD, MK, AM, LM, GS

-AM will ask Lesley Brown about whether or not she wants to be included in the demonstrations.

Discussion: should we all go to the demos enmasse? what makes sense?

Product Demos to consider:

Possibly start with Demos next meeting Feb. 8, 2006 9:30am TSB


AM- will try to schedule 1 or 2 demos each for Feb. 8th and Feb. 16th -respectively

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