Minutes of March 8, 2006 Meeting

Marty Kessleman; Ann Montanaro, recorder; Laura Mullen; Jim Nettleman (via videoconference); Mary Page; Cathy Pecoraro; GraceMary Smulewitz
Kayo Denda, Chris Sterback

1. Todd Miller, President of WebFeat, and Gail Rosenberg were present to demonstrate the functionality of WebFeat. They showed various ways it had been implemented at other institutions and answered questions posed by committee members.

2. The committee discussed the results of the Cabinet decisions on "big ticket" purchases and the impact on the basic charge to the committee to develop requirements for an RFP. The committee will continue to work on the mandate to give "advice about what steps the Rutgers University Libraries will need to take to implement whatever system you recommend."

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/eratf/minutes/eratf_06_03_08.shtml
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