Minutes of April 12, 2006 Meeting

Ann Montanaro, Marty Kesselman, Kayo Denda, Gracemary Smulewitz, Cathy Pecararo, Chris Sterback, Mary Page, Jim Nettleman

Ann reported that the Purchase Order to SIRSI for a range of products including Serial Solution with MARC Records, Article Linker, Central Search plus several other products has been prepared, approved by Purchasing and should be transmitted from RUL Budget Office today or tomorrow.

The initial charge to the TF by Grace Agnew and Jeanne Boyle has been completed and the participants offered suggestions about how to proceed.

The Task Force discussed a range of issues regarding the relationship between parts of this package. Among these were what needed to be done first, what piece might be dependent on another piece, what might need to be deferred, etc. It was clear that Article Linker, A to Z, and MARC records required implementation ASAP. It was also evident that public services had a lesser direct interest in these than with Central Search and that some differentiation of tasks within the Task Force was necessary.

This resulted in the following determinations.

1. The Task Force should continue to oversee implementation. Subgroups should have separate focuses.

2. Serials Solution Article Linker, A to Z, and MARC records - Target date July 1

a. Access training and management components by registering on the Client Center and administrative module.

b. Prepare and send a sample of existing titles, including problematic ones unique to RUL, to determine total processing lead-time.

3. ERMS - Target for implementation during 2006-07 academic year

4. Central Search - Target for Prototype August 1

a. Determine a few areas for the initial implementation. Suggestions included areas with distance learning activity such as Nursing, active areas such as Business, and a humanities area such as Art. Involvement from appropriate subject selectors would be encouraged.

b. Determine how those selected in be would be presented in the RUL web structure.

Minutes prepared by Jim Nettleman

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