Minutes of June 13, 2006 Meeting

Ann Montanaro (chair), Cathy Pecoraro, Kayo Denda, Laura Mullen, Gracemary Smulewitz, Chris Sterback, Mary Page (recorder)

The transition from LinkSource to ArticleLinker is underway. There’s some confusion about displays. Cathy will work with SS to make changes.

The task force voted to keep the current symbol for ArticleLinker.

Laura and Kayo will write up a brief announcement about the LinkSource/ArticleLinker transition for the RUL site and send it to Harry Glazer.

A-Z list: All of the major suppliers have been updated to the SerialsSolutions list.

EBSCO has been notified about our transition to the SerialsSolutions products. They have generously allowed us to continue using LinkSource and Journals AtoZ until we complete the transition.

CitationLinker implementation is temporarily postponed.

Federated Searching: We plan to have a demo ready by Fall 2006. Laura, Marty, and Kayo have been meeting on this project. There’s general agreement that we should begin with a few general resources, such as Academic and Business Source Premier.

We need to announce the transition to RUL-Everyone.

Next meeting: July 12, 2006.

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/eratf/minutes/eratf_06_06_13.shtml
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