Minutes of July 12, 2006 Meeting

Marty Kesselman, Ann Montanaro (chair), Laura Mullen, Cathy Pecoraro, Gracemary Smulewitz, Christopher Sterback (recorder)
Kayo Denda, Jim Nettleman, Mary Page

1. Update on status of conversion to ArticleLinker.

Cathy P. reported that 80% of our electronic resources are now in the Knowledge Base and this is great progress as the Serials Solutions Knowledge Base is currently being used by our patrons via Article Linker.

Committee members made some suggestions to modify the ArticleLinker search page. They were 1) the link to Ask A Librarian should link to the FAQ not the AAL input template, 2) make minor change to text that follows "If full-text is not available" - change this:

Search the library's catalog by ISSN by title

to this:

Search the library's catalog or by ISSN by title

Ann M. distributed sample help screens from two other universities using ArticleLinker. The samples were from University of Calgary and University of Missouri-Kansas City.

2. Moving to new A-Z

Cathy P. demonstrated the new Serials Solution A-Z list. It is similar to our existing list except that 1) there are multiple hyperlinks for each letter and 2) the hyperlink shows the first three letters of the first and last title in each group. This is fine when the titles are unique but does not work well when there is a large set of resources that begin with a common word such as Journal or International. Cathy will investigate whether this can be changed.

When the appropriate parties sign off on the Serials Solution A-Z list, it will replace the EBSCO version still in place on our web pages.

3. Status of loading serial records.

A subgroup comprised of Elizabeth Leister, Bob Warwick, and Mary Beth Weber is reviewing the sample serial marc records received from Serials Solutions. The subgroup is determining whether we need the records at all and, if so, do we just merge in the 856 for updated records and load in new records, or completely replace all serials records each month as is done now in the EBSCO load. Since the holdings information is coming from the Knowledge Base it may not be necessary to reload all records each month.

4. Update on implementation of CentralSearch prototype.

A subgroup of the ERAITF, comprised of Kayo D., Marty K., and Laura M., is currently reviewing the list of full-text databases to federate using Serials Solutions CentralSearch product. Bob Warwick will work with this subgroup to configure the databases in the Serials Solutions administrative tool.

5. Discussion of PSC report on implementation of CentralSearch prototype

Laura M. and Marty K. reported on the Federated Searching update presented at Public Services. They stated that they would like to set up a prototype that federates the search of general multidisciplinary databases containing a large amount of full text. They are also reviewing terminology and consistencies across databases but do not want to make it too complicated. They noted that the Serials Solutions products are going through lots of changes which makes it challenging. After the prototypes are set up, they will then work with the subject librarians to determine whether their subject area would benefit from federated searching and, if so, which databases it should comprise. PSC believes that the ISC should be responsible for assessment of federated searching, how it fits in, and if training will be needed. PSC would also like to see demonstrations of federated search implemented at other academic libraries.

6. Comments from ALA meetings/discussions

Marty reported that he spoke to our Serials Solution sales representative, Danielle Shaver. He also attended an interesting LITA Top Technology Trends" meeting. Some trends noted by the speakers were: 1) "full-text expectations in a metadata universe", 2) "metasearching not living up to expectations", 3) "faceted browsing", 4) "everything we do is an interim solution" (i.e. stop focusing on making everything the perfect solution.), 5) "OPACS are horrible but librarians are fighting back; focusing on findability."

7. Plans for implementation of ERMS

Ann M. asked whether it was time to request a training session on the Serials Solution ERMS. Cathy responded that we need to finish updating our content in the Knowledge Base before setting a date. Ann then suggested that we should find out which fields are required so we don't have to go back and re-enter later. Ann M. will also send our contact at SirsiDynix a query regarding the status of the interface between Unicorn and Serials Solutions.

8. Serials Solutions support issues

Cathy P. reported on problems she's had communicating problems and receiving responses from Serials Solutions technical support. In some cases she's reported problems and has received no response at all. In others, problems reported were fixed but no one from SS communicated this fact. Cathy asked Ann to register an official complaint with our representative. It was also suggested that it might help to have a visit from our Serials Solutions representative.

Cathy raised the issue of the 24 hour delay between changes she makes using the Administration tool and live implementation of these changes. Typically it means that, when she wants to make the same change to a number of databases, she changes one, waits 24 hours to see the change, then if it looks OK, spends the next day changing the remaining databases in the group. It would help if she could see changes immediately and not have to wait 24 hours before determining whether the modification will work.

9. Next meeting

The next ERAITF meeting has been scheduled for Wednesday, August 9, 2006 from 9:30 to 12:00 in the TSB conference room.

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